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  1. JerseyGirl07093

    What happened to Chat?

    Getting a bit off topic but...Tad how is it that your son is that old already?! I've seen you mention him over the years and I can't believe he's so grown. :)
  2. JerseyGirl07093

    The Thread For Long-Time Members To Check In...

    I still check in from time to time but spend more of my time on Facebook. It's nice to see some familiar faces.
  3. JerseyGirl07093

    RIP Deidrababe

    I was so sad to hear of her passing. My condolences to her family and friends.
  4. JerseyGirl07093

    How old were you?

    I knew for sure I was bi when I was about 17 and it was definitely confirmed when on my 18th birthday "I kissed a girl and I liked it"! Looking back I was that way from an earlier age but I just didn't know what it was or how to put it in to words.
  5. JerseyGirl07093

    Passing of a fellow Dimmer

    I'm not on Dims that much anymore but I saw the news on FB and just wanted to come here and say how sorry I was to hear that she passed away. I always admired her for the fact that she was always so positive even when she was going through less than positive things in life. My condolences to her...
  6. JerseyGirl07093

    Rest In Peace Kara

    I'm so sorry to hear that she passed away. Saying a prayer for her family and friends at this difficult time.
  7. JerseyGirl07093

    Share your Amazon Wishlist - 2013 Edition!

    I'm hardly ever on here anymore but I came to check if anyone put up their wishlists this year. I'm glad the tradition continues. Here's mine... http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/3Q54N7CBKE/?tag=skimlinks_replacement-20
  8. JerseyGirl07093

    Post 5 random facts about yourself

    Random fact #6 - She is Adam Sandler. :p
  9. JerseyGirl07093

    what's making you laugh right now?

    I could really use a hug right now. ;)
  10. JerseyGirl07093

    True Blood

    The thing that made my week was Russell coming out on stage and singing You Light Up My Life! That was such a WTF moment. My son and I were cracking up! :bow:
  11. JerseyGirl07093

    Post pics of yourself....LIVING

    MMMMMMM I haven't had a zeppole in a while. That's one of my favorite shore foods! :eat2:
  12. JerseyGirl07093

    Getting smaller and smaller!

    No, I'm not talking about me, I'm talking about those "fun size" packs of candy. Years ago they used to have 10 "fun size" bars in a pack. Then they were down to eight. Recently I went to the store and there were only 6 bars in a pack. What's next, one larger "fun size" bar per package?! We...
  13. JerseyGirl07093

    oy, it's letters to people and things, part deuce!

    I imagine this as if you're writing in a journal but instead of "Dear Diary" it's "Dear Holographic Tupac". Dear Holographic Tupac, Today the cute boy in English class smiled at me. He's so cute and I know we'd be great together but he has that slutty girlfriend. Bummer! Oh, and Mom is being...
  14. JerseyGirl07093

    Post pics of yourself....LIVING

    Welcome back! Time sure flies, it seems just yesterday I remember you being pregnant. Your daughter is adorable! So nice to see a picture of her...and of you, you look great!
  15. JerseyGirl07093

    Happy Birthday, Sugar Magnolia!

    Happy Birthday! :)
  16. JerseyGirl07093

    Happy Birthday, HottiMegan!

    Happy Birthday fellow July 5th birthday girl! :D
  17. JerseyGirl07093

    The Thread for Random Single Confessions Part ... I don't know what Part

    Add about ten years and that's where I am right now. Oh yay. :rolleyes:
  18. JerseyGirl07093

    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    I scrolled past fast and I was thinking "Hey, who is this new blondie?" Turns out it was you! lol It looks great and I love the purple too! :bow: :)
  19. JerseyGirl07093

    I Love Glee!!!

    I hate Glee. *ducks* That being said, I like the Glee Project. I think they sent the wrong person home too. I think the trans guy should have gone home. His voice sounds too whiny and nasal-y. Maybe they kept him around just for diversity. This is TV after all. Donna, you've seen Dani on...