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  1. Loki666

    Hoping 2020 is better.

    I'm at a loss for words on how cold you could be towards a man who just lost his wife by turning this into some kind of political agenda then basically dismissing my feelings by saying stuff like well people die everyday. Well 34 year olds aren't supposed to be dying tragically. If I were you...
  2. Loki666

    The Thread For Long-Time Members To Check In...

    Thank you ❤
  3. Loki666

    Hoping 2020 is better.

    I hear you
  4. Loki666

    Where do you gain weight most?

    Always in my midsection.
  5. Loki666

    What is your weight right now?

  6. Loki666

    Hoping 2020 is better.

    2019 was the worst year in my adult life. My wife and I separated in May because I just couldn't continue to keep watching her slowly kill herself by not taking care of herself. Then in September she ended up actually passing away from what I had feared she would the last two years. Her psyche...
  7. Loki666

    Best & Worse Job You've Ever Had?

    My best job is as a real estate agent. I get to make my own hours and don't have to be managed by anyone else. Worst: was when I was an addictions counselor at a methadone clinic in Baltimore for 2 years. Got paid terribly as I did the job of 5 other counselors yet hot paid the same as everyone...
  8. Loki666

    Rep Your Pets!

    My babies: Stardust, Ash, Newt, and Tessie
  9. Loki666

    The Thread For Long-Time Members To Check In...

    I've been around here lurking for the most part since before I should have been on here. I stopped coming on here after about 2015 because my wife and I were working on our marriage. So, for about the last 5 years I haven't really been on here because my wife didn't want me to be on here. But...
  10. Loki666

    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    What I look like today.
  11. Loki666

    2019 Singles Party! *Meet and Greet Time*

    Name: Michael Age: 32 Where: Millersville, MD Gender: Male Identify as: FA but I enjoy women no matter what size. Interested in: finding love again. Occupation: Real Estate Agent Status: Widower About me: I'm a 32 year old widower who is an avid dog lover as I have 4 shetland sheepdogs. I...
  12. Loki666

    Yay!! I'm Back To My Fattening Ways lol

    Anyone know where Melissa has been? I mean her clips4sale seems to no longer be active. :( Miss you LNL! *BIG FAT HUGS*
  13. Loki666

    Has There Ever Been a FA/BBW Couple Pic Thread?

    That we did, and it was snowing on that day here too. We figured it would be cool to get married on the Mayan Apocalypse as if to say that this is the end of the world and here's to the rest of our lives. But that's great you all want to get married on your parent's wedding anniversary! Very...
  14. Loki666

    Has There Ever Been a FA/BBW Couple Pic Thread?

    How funny, our wedding date was 12-21-12 LOL :)
  15. Loki666

    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    Thanks Tad, and I just took your suggestion and did that ;)
  16. Loki666

    Has There Ever Been a FA/BBW Couple Pic Thread?

    My wife and I at a Depeche Mode concert in September My wife and I on Castaway Cay Disney's private island in the Bahamas in November. Us at The Birthday Massacre show in Philadelphia in November
  17. Loki666

    Confessions of married people

    Tad, I had a similar experience happen to me when I met my wife as well. I was still pretty much in the closet as an FA even though I had dated some plumbers when I was in High School to a borderline BBW/plumper while I began my college years I had never really wanted to try to step out of my...
  18. Loki666

    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    Thank you very much Azerty! :)
  19. Loki666


    Me at work yesterday
  20. Loki666

    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    This is my wife and I at a Depeche Mode concert back in September This is us on our Honeymoon in the Bahamas in November Most recent picture of us at another concert at the end of November.