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  1. rabbitislove

    RIP Ralphie May

    https://www.reviewjournal.com/entertainment/entertainment-columns/mike-weatherford/comedian-ralphie-may-has-plenty-more-to-talk-about-than-fat-jokes/ I didnt see all his specials, but it sounds like he was honest and positive about being a BHM throughout his career. I saw one special as a...
  2. rabbitislove

    Happy Birthday rabbitislove!

    Thank you for the birthday love! I had a great day with family and Djudex made a tasty vegan cake :)
  3. rabbitislove

    BHM Experience – by Ashblonde (~BHM, ~FFA)

    In this case, I was the mis-communicator. I meant if Ashblonde picks him up again and writes tales of his exploits. HOWEVER, Im also a big fan of your SSBHM fiction :D
  4. rabbitislove

    BHM Experience – by Ashblonde (~BHM, ~FFA)

    If you write another novella about the adventures and conquests of SSBHM Tyler, I am here for it.
  5. rabbitislove

    BHM/FFAs Introduce yourself here

    I agree with you Kat and have thought about how to respond (with class and grace). I will preface that there are a lot of great people on Dims. I will never be ungrateful to Dims. It helped me find confidence in who I am and meet fellow FFAs/BHMS (some of whom I sadly have not met IRL, but...
  6. rabbitislove

    Adam Ruins Everything: Weight Loss

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TptuiUskToQ Im a fan of this show and how it disproves myth with humour. This was the first time I saw a mainstream show acknowledge there are fat people out there who are (gasp) healthy and figured ya'll would enjoy :)
  7. rabbitislove

    Random BHM Hotness

    Thanks for the share ladies and for giving me my SSBHM fix. :D
  8. rabbitislove

    What are you happy about today?

    Such a beauty! :wubu::smitten:
  9. rabbitislove

    What are you happy about today?

    Congrats Tad! Great news! :D:D
  10. rabbitislove

    LADIES post an awesome photo of yourselves!

    Looking beautiful Loopy, Lillie and Anjula. Such an attractive bunch of fatty loving ladies :wubu:
  11. rabbitislove

    The thread for random single confessions!

    That sounds amazing! Ive never been to a dungeon and don't know if I'd want to, but I am happy for you! And the endorphin rush of playing :smitten::smitten:
  12. rabbitislove

    BHM Hourglass

    I like this a lot. Please continue! :D
  13. rabbitislove

    Reactions and Observations From a "Mismatched" Couple

    Ive wondered if people do this more with fat women/fit men. I think male FAs face more anger and judgement than females (but thats my own personal experience and I cant speak for everyone). I dont seem to get as much. If anything, it was more curiosity when I lived in Colorado. Almost everyone...
  14. rabbitislove

    The thread for random single confessions!

    Join on in. The FFA girl gang excludes no fat-lovin' lady! :D
  15. rabbitislove

    The thread for random single confessions!

    Why do you live in Poland? We could be vegan pervy FFA best friends. I dont normally like Ed Sheeran but I will dance to that song in my car :D
  16. rabbitislove

    What's pissing you off today?

    This was magical and now Im mad I cant rep you :doh:
  17. rabbitislove

    What's pissing you off today?

    via Imgflip Meme Generator Yes, I had to be *that* extra today. This is meant to vent frustration, but also in jest so Im not trying to beef with anyone here.
  18. rabbitislove

    What are you unhappy about today?

    Weren't you writing a BHM fic Anjula? I agree with you though. There has been a lack of smut!
  19. rabbitislove

    Post Your Sexiest Pics Nekkid (2)

    I cant rep you either Anjula, but I hope this will do <3 https://media.giphy.com/media/l41m5nQVvTslsRQGc/giphy.gif
  20. rabbitislove

    Random BHM Hotness