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  1. HairyBagel

    Fatimas preformances

    I can not WAIT for this!! I am going to stock my hotel room with treats and home baked goods for anyone who might happen to drop by.
  2. HairyBagel

    Inspiration for your NICKNAME and AVATAR

    I heard a comedian refer to a fat guy's stomach as a "hairy bagel". Unfortunately, this comedian was not very popular because most people assume a "hairy bagel" is something really perverted.
  3. HairyBagel

    how many people here are in southern california?

    I just moved to West Hollywood.
  4. HairyBagel

    Female feeders with eating disorders?

    Maybe she just really wanted a fat husband. The only way she could pull it off without being questioned was to eat the same thing. Of course, then she had to go ralph or be fat as well.
  5. HairyBagel

    Big Butts. STILL just a black thang??

    Hell. no. In fact, the very first time I heard Sir Mixalot I was loving the song and then the line, "Even white boy's got to shout," happened and I wanted to fight him.
  6. HairyBagel

    Bagel's Pic-o-Day

    Thank you.
  7. HairyBagel

    Ok I have a question for the men!

    This might be something completely different but I was at a club last night and I was dancing with this girl and she suddenly blurts, "You are NOT getting into my pants," I reply, "That's fine," "I'm not that kind of girl," "I would not assume that about you," then five seconds later she's...
  8. HairyBagel

    Bagel's Pic-o-Day

    This concludes my pic o' day.
  9. HairyBagel

    Bagel's Pic-o-Day

    Angry Fat. Is there any other kind?
  10. HairyBagel

    Bagel's Pic-o-Day

    Thank you? The link on your signature made me wonder if a lion suit would work for me.
  11. HairyBagel

    Bagel's Pic-o-Day

    bustin' out
  12. HairyBagel

    Bagel's Pic-o-Day

    How much wood... could a woodchuck chuck?
  13. HairyBagel

    Bagel's Pic-o-Day

    What can a fat guy be for Halloween?!
  14. HairyBagel

    Bagel's Pic-o-Day

    .I am fat.
  15. HairyBagel

    Bagel's Pic-o-Day

    No one. I just hold the camera or put it on a timer. That's why they look like dung. Here's some pictures I take when they are not of me:
  16. HairyBagel

    Bagel's Pic-o-Day

    My current age^
  17. HairyBagel

    Bagel's Pic-o-Day

    I told you, first post, not in chronological order.
  18. HairyBagel

    Bagel's Pic-o-Day

    Thank you. You can just call me Bagel, though.
  19. HairyBagel

    Bagel's Pic-o-Day

    I need to sleep more.
  20. HairyBagel

    Bagel's Pic-o-Day