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  1. mathfa

    Has anyone else met an F/FA in real life?

    I don't mean just briefly either, or someone who you suspect was. There was someone in high school who I highly suspected was FFA but I never talked to her, we weren't friends or anything. Like, I know this probably seems unimportant. I've posted on here enough for you all to know I'm in a very...
  2. mathfa

    Disney Plus Size Heroine

    I'm glad lots of people seem to like it, but I don't get it. Perhaps it's because I am neither fat nor a woman, I recognize that my perspective is not as informed. But like, can't there be a fat character without the whole plot revolving around the fact that they are fat? It feels like cheap...
  3. mathfa

    Any baseball fans here?

    Wild start to the playoffs so far! Is it blasphemous to root for the Astros for Mancini to get a ring?
  4. mathfa

    NAAFA's Fat Fridays Virtual Social Club

    Cool idea! Not one of the fat folks here so I won't attend but I like the organization!
  5. mathfa

    Any baseball fans here?

    Back to back walkoff homers!!! Let's go O's!
  6. mathfa

    Any baseball fans here?

    Speaking of Pete Rose, the Reds.... I dont think anyone expected them to be GOOD but I thought 4th place and like 75 wins was achievable. Starting 3-22 is wild.
  7. mathfa

    Any baseball fans here?

    I am very glad to be done with the Rays for a little bit.
  8. mathfa

    Any baseball fans here?

    Looked good today! Hendricks was dealing.
  9. mathfa

    What’s Everybody Reading?

    Just finished Caves of Steel by Asimov. The Foundation series is my favorite book series of all time, and I read some of the Robot series out of order back in the day, because my library had limited selection. So now my goal is to read the Robot series again start to finish here this next month+.
  10. mathfa

    Chasing Clout/Riding A Trend

    I really agree with your viewpoint. That's why I've always tried to own my preference. My girlfriend knows, a few close friends know from conversations about our preferences, and I will gladly be seen in public with my beautiful lady 😍 The people who use this to gain clout are no better than...
  11. mathfa

    Any baseball fans here?

    Hey, the Yankees are AL favorites, they are sure to make the world series! They never choke 😅
  12. mathfa

    Any baseball fans here?

    I'm picking Dodgers over Red Sox this year for the World Series.
  13. mathfa

    Encouragement from a fat to skinny to fat again girl!

    I know it's like 9 years too late, but thank you for posting this, Pear.
  14. mathfa

    Fatphobic parents

    My parents have always been fatphobic. I think for my dad, it's largely been because he is very into personal health, and I think he sees being fat as rejecting available information, that everyone should be thin. For my mom, it's just deeply ingrained from my very hateful grandparents. It's...
  15. mathfa

    Root origin of my attraction to fat women: figured it out

    In general I'm a nature over nurture person, ive found in my experience that this holds true more often than not. So I feel like for many of us, it's just something we were born with. I can remember finding larger people interesting to look at since I was a small boy. Obviously didn't know it as...
  16. mathfa

    It's days like this...

    Hello fellow Mainah!
  17. mathfa

    We're ENGAGED!

  18. mathfa

    Showering together

    I absolutely adore showering with my girlfriend. We only showered once in the first four years of our relationship because we were dorm students and long-distance. This year I was able to start visiting her in her apartment and 😍 absolutely amazing.
  19. mathfa

    How to get fat

    And to me, people that are able to gain just naturally amaze me. I couldn't gain a pound even when trying!