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  1. jtimmo

    I find this so annoying

    LOL'd, in any case, while size is likely an issue for these people, everyone that works in my office is large in size, none have penises, and all make higher than the men do...now if only we could spread the word...Oh wait that wouldn't matter according to this article.
  2. jtimmo

    ? fat girls can't jump

    I drive a very large truck, F450 and it's jacked up all the way 16" up, but I accomodate and had them install a lowering system, so the truck lowers to ground level. It's a bitch to see people with that shit on their trucks, but I always just give them the finger. What are they going to do run...
  3. jtimmo

    Kayaking for big people?

    BIG guy here, I kayak almost every weekend and I bought a specially built one just for me, do you have a budget? Do you have proper transportation (trailer, roof mount)? PM if you want more info, I'll provide all I can.
  4. jtimmo


    Orlando, Tampa here!
  5. jtimmo

    Nutella Cookies

    I make an over-the-top deep fried nutella cookie, but it's very simple to make. Box of oreo's (any kind) Jar of nutella Deep fryer sweetened batter Cover oreo's in nutella, freeze overnight. Heat deep fryer, dip nutella covered oreos in batter, and fry for approximately 2 minutes, remove and...
  6. jtimmo

    What is your weight right now?

    301 as of 10:15EST
  7. jtimmo

    One Completely Random Sentence...

    It's just too damn humid/hot here.
  8. jtimmo

    Too Fat to Fly

    This. I'm 6'8 and I've been forced to buy two seats before (one in front of me and my actual seat). In some cases I've even been "forced" to sit at an emergency exit for maximum leg room. As an ex flight-attendant, I think you can see why I quit the job.
  9. jtimmo

    The show your face/introduction thread

    Name: Jake Age: 24 Location: Orlando, Tampa, Miami, FLA Profession: Masters Student Music: Anything and everything, even make my own music :) Likes: Guitars, sleeping, shoes, running, concerts, opera, specificity. Dislikes: Long toe nails, "stick n bricks", no respect. About me: 24 year...