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  1. loopytheone

    This is just to say

    Awww, so glad to hear it! Always happy when somebody gets benefit from being in a community like ours!
  2. loopytheone

    Post pics of yourself....LIVING

    Sunflower censor~
  3. loopytheone

    Delicious Christmas Bakery!

    Confession time: I've never decorated a gingerbread house.
  4. loopytheone

    Huge Thighs?

    You know, this thread leads to an interesting question; what is considered huge? Is it over all thigh size? Or size relative to the rest of the person? A combination of both? I think for me, it's a combination of both, you know?
  5. loopytheone

    Fresh meat overdue of his expiration date. (Introduction)

    Hi there, welcome to Dims! Hopefully you'll have fun here. =)
  6. loopytheone

    Beer belly calender...

    That's pretty cool to see!
  7. loopytheone

    Loopy's Lair: Level 2

    Eh, that's kind of thing. I can't bring myself to see football at Wembley unless it is Forest. Seeing the wrestling was amazing, but I could only really cope with it because it was a completely different sport. Also, I aint travelling all the way to london to watch the national team. Like...
  8. loopytheone

    Loopy's Lair: Level 2

    So, guess who went to Wembley? For those of you that don't know, Wembley has always been -a thing- for me. I grew up a Forest fan. Had multiple chances to see concerts or england matches live at Wembley. Always refused. Always said I'd get there with Forest or not at all. Never looked like...
  9. loopytheone

    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    My aunt took a group photo and got the best picture ever of me.
  10. loopytheone

    Loopy's Lair: Level 2

    Sound advice for sure, Kyle! Thanks for sharing. =)
  11. loopytheone

    Loopy's Lair: Level 2

    Thank you so much Tad! I'm proud of myself for doing it, if nothing else!
  12. loopytheone

    Loopy's Lair: Level 2

    So, it was Pride in my city this weekend! I decided that I was going to wear something that was more... eh. I don't know how to describe it. But I spend a lot of time in very loose, but feminine clothes like big dresses and stuff. But I always wanted to dress more masculine, but also more...
  13. loopytheone

    Does anyone else HATE this fetish?

    To be fair, some of us absolutely were born with a fat kink/whatever the heck you want to call it. Like, I was a little 4 year old obsessed with fat things and weight gain. Plus it definitely isn't something that I can change about myself (trust me, tried plenty when I was younger and more...
  14. loopytheone

    BHM Sickle and Heart [BHM, Fantasy, Romance]

    I don't think you've scared her off at all, I just don't think she's been around for a little while. Hopefully she'll have time to visit us here soon.
  15. loopytheone

    Loopy's Lair: Level 2

    Speaking of the Kiki-nator, I spent the last week at my mum's house, babysitting her. I've not looked after a dog on my own for at least 5/6 years now so I was actually super nervous. Especially as the dog I used to own was, like, not Kiki. Well, on her first proper walk she ran into a friend...
  16. loopytheone

    Loopy's Lair: Level 2

    She's a Skye Terrier! Pretty much look like a cross between a terrier and a draft excluder, hah!
  17. loopytheone

    Has anyone else met an F/FA in real life?

    I went to school with somebody that was an FA, though we never explicitly talked about it as we weren't close. I also had a friend who loved bigger people and would point out 'cute podge' when they saw it. I've obviously met people from sites like this IRL but I feel like that doesn't really...
  18. loopytheone

    Loopy's Lair: Level 2

    Thought I might restart what was essentially my diary here! Shouting into the void helps sometimes, you know? I feel the need to share this video: Poppies are my favourite flowers, for sure. Small friend likes them too. I've been thinking about some FA stuff recently too. For a long...