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  1. shirmack

    Perceptions of Big women

    Just returning fire man... I am noones bitch and do not take kindly to being insulted for my opinion.
  2. shirmack

    Clothing - A rant and a question.

    If I need something immidiately I go to casual male If i order it in advance I got to After hitting up and looking up coupon codes saves money and time
  3. shirmack

    A Fun Ad For The FFA's

    Melians is all Like.... " Shit ill take 2" :P just playin hun
  4. shirmack

    Celebrity crushes.

    Alyson Hannigan ( Redheads do it for me) Vida Guerra ( Baby got back) Paula Abdul (When she was young) Rachel Mcadams (*Drools*) Elizibeth Banks (Nuff said) and so so many more :P
  5. shirmack

    Perceptions of Big women

    Exactly the point is you TRY to look your best its when you stop caring and just don't even try anymore that its disgusting you know?
  6. shirmack

    Perceptions of Big women

    Im gonna have to agree with Heavy on this one.... Women who leave the house looking gross should really be ashamed of themselves.... Its not a size thing at all or a gender thing... It takes 10 mins to put on a decent shirt... spray a lil perfume and fix your hair up a lil Maybe put on a...
  7. shirmack

    Gentlemen, Post An Awesome Pic Of Yourselves

    So as much as I already seem creepy... I could not think of anything as awesome as a semi-auto assualt rifle pic... Reason #897234987-b Not to fuck wit me :P Sorry for the blurryness My camera man was drunk as well
  8. shirmack

    Attached or looking?

    Did yall ever watch that show recess when you were young? (Kinda dating myself here) Those Ashley broads said something alot..... hmmmmm.... what was that again... Oh yeah.... SCANDOULOUS *Zing* FTW
  9. shirmack

    Vile disgusting ignorant family members

    Dude fuck em.... Brush your shoulders off pop your collar... And fuck em They are not worth it Let them drink haterade while you shine Shine on emmm till they have no choice but to bask in your glory And remember.....
  10. shirmack

    where are all my sexy people at tonight?

    Im pretty sure this was a random spam bot....
  11. shirmack

    Desert Island

    :P :P :P :P :P
  12. shirmack

    Desert Island

    Mindset... You truly are a cut above the rest matality wise. I could argue logic with you for hours dude. All I am sayin is if I am stuck on an island with a person. I had better at least think they are not a complete dumbass ya know? :Edit This is not to say I think anyone else is. JFTR :P
  13. shirmack

    Desert Island

    Thanks :P I appreciate your participation :P
  14. shirmack

    Desert Island

    *rolls eyes*
  15. shirmack

    Desert Island

    Jesus H Christ people... Stop whining just have fun
  16. shirmack

    Desert Island

    WhiteHotRazor FTW Lol
  17. shirmack

    List your top 5 sexiest BHM/FFA members of this forum

    In no order:...... Did ya miss that part ninja you ungrateful asshat :P Shit I know I don't belong anywhere near the top of that list
  18. shirmack

    Desert Island

    Indeed it does sir..... Actually its Ky warming gel ... and there is a magic tree that makes it :P
  19. shirmack

    Desert Island

    Well Razor in ths perticular fantasy island The water is filled with magic boat mashing fairys So your SOL
  20. shirmack

    Desert Island

    So I would prob have to say HDANGEL Because we get along so well and have so much in common She is teh Pwn