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  1. shirmack

    Desert Island

    Ok so heres one.... If you had to be stuck on a desert island with 1 Meaning.... not 3 not 2 not 5 I Mean 1 person from this board with an unlimited food supply and other basic needs met who would it be and why
  2. shirmack

    Gq Xxxl

    So I saw the BHM in fromal wear thread... And since I don't really do the formal wear thing. I decided to make a GQ XXXL forum... For when you look shining sans the formal attire I will go first. But you other guys should come up in here and floss. Sorry for the silly poses my neighbor and I...
  3. shirmack

    It's Been Awhile

    Been a year or so since ive posted pics. Been super busy fighting for custody and working tons. figured I would throw a few pix up just for spite. And Dyana since you said i should do this your ass had better show me some pic love. Lemme know what you think :P Sorry they look horrid. You...
  4. shirmack

    Female Offensive lineman(woman)

    Had to share this one This Girl is kinda hot
  5. shirmack

    WHo is an admin for this forum

    i need an admin please contact me
  6. shirmack

    Hi Im A New Bhm On The Board So You Should At Least Say Hi

    Hi Im New Im 19 6'5 245 Blonde Blue Eyes 6 Tatoos Tongue Pierced And I Would Like To Post Pics For All You Ffa's And Also I Would Like To Meet People To Talk To Such As Ffa's Bbw's And Orthe Bhm's So Yeah Somone Should Hit Me Up And At Least Say Hi Lol Much Love Sprint Pimp
  7. shirmack


    hey i am new to the board and i was debating on posting some pix so i figured id ask if anyone wants to see them espiecially blondeegrldd and if you guys do what do you want pix of and what should i wear
  8. shirmack

    Northwest Female Fa's

    are there any girls in the pacific nortwest (oregon or washington) who are into bigger guys until three days ago i didnt know what an fa was or a bbw or bhm so this is all new to me so any way about me 6'5 240 dark hair blue eyes 6 tats tongue pierced i work at sprint (lol duh) so yeah...