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  1. Tad

    ODFFA's Antics & Oddities Thread

  2. Tad

    Girlfriend wants to lose weight but I don’t want her to. How can I change my attitude?

    Most people who lose much weight gain it back eventually. It is how we are built as a species, it seems. There are exceptions, but they are not very common. I say that partly to encourage you to be supportive and patient and to have hope -- but also to suggest that you nudge her to judge...
  3. Tad

    What is your weight right now?

    Caitlin, I totally relate to that desire to makeshift! (I'd even settle for having two or three bodies to swap between as appropriate)
  4. Tad

    What Are You Happy About Today? Part 3

    For the first time in my adult life I saw pics of me as a toddler, and good Lord I was a fat little thing. Fattest cheeks I've ever seen. By the time I can remember I was only "husky" , so it was interesting to see the original form, as it were.
  5. Tad

    Plus Size Parenting

    Personally I think that it is such a nice age just before they start school! To address your post: Kids will always start getting more mixed opinion of their parents as they get older. If it isn't you being fat it will be the vacations you take or the car you drive or the way you laugh or...
  6. Tad

    FAs, how do you feel about fat on a person of the gender you are NOT attracted to?

    I second Loopy. You are you, you like what you like. No need to categorize it, you already know.
  7. Tad

    BBW The Uncontainable - by Marlow

    Oh, here I was expecting a denouement!
  8. Tad

    BHM Sky the Hapless Space Mercenary Gets Fat

    That was super fun :D
  9. Tad

    The Introduction Thread Part 2

    Welcome ssbbwqueen and Caitlin!
  10. Tad

    BHM Private Practice

    I just assume such a warning applies to much of this board, but I keep doing it anyway :p
  11. Tad

    What Are You Happy About Today? Part 3

    Shot, where did you order them from? (Asked the canuck) I'm happy that we had a nice amount of snow over the weekend. Seems more properly like winter now!
  12. Tad

    The Thread For Long-Time Members To Check In...

    Glad to see you post, but sorry to hear you've been struggling with that beast. Anything you want to share, you know you will find people cheering for you here.
  13. Tad

    Anyone Fattened Up a BF or Hubby

    If he pushed that on you, then I'm pretty passed at him. Forcing your kink on someone else, especially one that has the potential to be as life altering as weight gain, is very definitely not acceptable.
  14. Tad

    BHM Private Practice

    Given how bad my eyes are your point is a good one. But actually yes it was my brain that was so distracted. So wonderfully, wonderfully, distracted!
  15. Tad

    BHM/FFAs Introduce yourself here

    Welcome Piggieslove! I hope you enjoy yourself here!
  16. Tad

    BHM Private Practice

    I really need to learn not to read this story during lunch on a weekday. Well done on making the descriptions so compelling!
  17. Tad

    Equipment for bigger people

    If you can't find a boot, perhaps see if there is an Occupational Therapist near you that takes random clients. The ones I've known were good at improvising gear with thermoplastic and may be able to do something to help (or may have access to sites that aren't targeting the general public)
  18. Tad

    BHM/FFAs Introduce yourself here

    Hi Mike! Welcome :)
  19. Tad

    The Thread For Long-Time Members To Check In...

    My condolences, Loki. And best wishes with moving forward.
  20. Tad

    BHM From B*tch to Boss

    I love it so far :) You have a great voice in your writing, really pulls me into the story.
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