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  1. Ample Pie

    I stirred the pot a bit by asking a simple question. Was I right or wrong?

    Actually, treating others as objects, hamplanets or suns, can be very hurtful in and of itself. Putting Juliet on a pedestal didn't do her any damned favors; she died. Also, I don't care if it stirred the pot or not, but I figure confronting bullshit is the best way to go. **warning, lingerie...
  2. Ample Pie

    When I die...

    Seriously, I mean it. I don't want some post on the main board or anywhere. Anyone here who needs to know if I die, will find out otherwhere. I have no interest in being another fatty death milestone here.
  3. Ample Pie

    Feedism - Personally into overeating, being fat or getting fatter? Count yourself in!

    This just in : I can't believe I typed and left "here".
  4. Ample Pie

    Balance between SA and Victim Mentality

    This is the most ridiculous thread I've seen in a long time and reminds me why I quit visiting here regularly anyway. No, not everyone CAN lose weight. You're taking a lot for granted that you can't possibly know about everyone on the freaking earth. Those things you want to call say...
  5. Ample Pie

    Discussion: Feeders/Feedees and emotions/mentality

    I've always said that the focus on feedees as victims is more of a problem with non-feedists than feedists. If you believe that I am the victim of my own sexuality and you don't even know me, well that's your problem.
  6. Ample Pie

    What happened to the old Dimensions?

    Also, misandry isn't real.
  7. Ample Pie


    I'm rarely female in my masturbatory fantasies. I am sometimes and when I am, that's when fat plays the biggest (npi) role. My first masturbatory orgasm happened because of a fantasy in which I was very much a boy. Though I feel awkward using the term "genderqueer" because I'm not really...
  8. Ample Pie

    "Feedism" vs. "Feederism"

    Dan and tot tend to be muckrakers. Fuzzy coined the term. I like "feedism."
  9. Ample Pie

    Study finds epigenetics, not genetics, underlies homosexuality??

    I dunno. I feel like I get my queerness and so many other things from my mother's side. I take after my uncle so much it's scary...and he's gay. I also believe my nephew (my brother's son) got it from me. He's only 12 so I don't really know...I'm not sure he knows, but if he does he isn't...
  10. Ample Pie

    BBW or SSBBW without a belly button

    My mom's belly button was removed last year (surgery for something else, obvs) and she worries a LOT that it makes her "a freak." She says she's deformed. I wish she knew how many people seem to not have them and she'd realize she's just fine. And, of course, her boyfriend doesn't mind.
  11. Ample Pie

    Anyone Fattened Up a BF or Hubby

    I didn't set about fattening anyone, but I did notice my ex certainly put on some weight during our association. And I know I encourage him.
  12. Ample Pie


    Cat: I'm glad you're alive and well. I'm sorry about what you're going through and very sorry that some creep thought it was okay to draw it out in public--not matter the reason. Take care, Rebecca
  13. Ample Pie

    lady gagas boyfriend likes her curvier figure
  14. Ample Pie

    lady gagas boyfriend likes her curvier figure
  15. Ample Pie

    lady gagas boyfriend likes her curvier figure
  16. Ample Pie

    lady gagas boyfriend likes her curvier figure

    she isn't an original at all. she's, at least, derivative of Madonna (who's derivative or others). Please.
  17. Ample Pie

    lady gagas boyfriend likes her curvier figure

    I don't know anything about what Broccoli Spears has to do with this discussion, but: I would like to note that while I think the above deals well with the Lady Gaga bit, I don't agree...
  18. Ample Pie

    lady gagas boyfriend likes her curvier figure

    Lady Gaga is a hack. She steals from other artists and then reaps the benefits of being a "revolutionary." She's a terrible LGBT "ally"...with her homophobic and transmisogynistic BS. And now she's getting cookies for "body acceptance" when fat people are still given death threats for doing...
  19. Ample Pie

    What is your weight right now?

    I'm 5'6'' and I had gotten back up to 400lbs, but then I got sick and ended up living on water and I'm back down to 386lbs. I usually stay right about there anyway.
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