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  1. loopytheone

    Skirt v Pants

    My thighs would be very uncomfortable in skirts. They touch basically all the way to my knees and need fabric between them to help with the rubbing/discomfort.
  2. loopytheone

    Anyone else completely UNathletic?

    I used to be athletic as a little kid, then my joint issues started up and basically stopped me from wanting to do much of anything. These days I try and walk every day and I do tai chi and lift hand weights sometimes. I'd like to do more things with my body but money and anxiety stop me.
  3. loopytheone

    Body hair

    I shave my pits, and sometimes my lower legs. I used to shave my thighs too, but seriously, I have so much thigh now it would take forever and I've got better things to do, hah. I keep my downstairs trimmed to be neat and shave my butt crack coz I'm kinda a hairy beast, ahaha.
  4. loopytheone

    When did you realize what you liked, and what triggered it?

    Gosh, hearing you talk about writing your first fat character takes me right back to when I was a teenager and doing the same thing! I know the thing that really got me into art and drawing was that I could sit and draw fat guys and admire them... I used to do a text based roleplay/story writing...
  5. loopytheone

    Does this ad show diversity?

    Ethnic diversity, which is great. But size diversity? Not so much. Just the normal fatphobic "fat people doing things is funny! Let's all laugh at them!" nonsense. It would have had a rather different implication if they had all been watching a video of a muscular guy in his parading around in...
  6. loopytheone

    I just Quit drinking

    I'm british so no problem with ml, that's what I understand best. That honestly seems kind of extortionate for drinks in general. 600 ml cider over here is maybe £3.20 and 500 ml of coke would be about £1.80. Usually on draft rather than bottles, and you can get it without ice to ensure a full...
  7. loopytheone

    I just Quit drinking

    I'm curious, how so? Over here, soft drinks are cheaper than alcoholic ones. Is it because you drink them faster/more of them because they aren't alcoholic?
  8. loopytheone

    How did you respond when health issues arose?

    That sucks. But honestly, I've seen your posts before and you're around the same height as me and about 40 lbs lighter than I am and honestly, I don't have any weight-related health problems at all. A BMI of 30 is right on the borderline of being medically obese but a lot of studies have shown...
  9. loopytheone

    The annoying behaviour of Ghosting

    I definitely agree that it depends on context. Ghosting an online only acquaintance is very different to ghosting somebody you see on a regular basis. My best friend through highschool and university ghosted me, maybe 5 years ago now. I still have no idea what I did wrong. I went from being...
  10. loopytheone

    Loopy's Lusciously Lavish Lair

    I'm glad you felt comfortable coming out to the people you care about. As far as I am concerned, if Roger and Brian are happy with the artistic liberties taken with the story, then I am happy with them. I wouldn't pee on SBC if he was on fire, so I'm glad he left. There's tons of 'gritty'...
  11. loopytheone

    Craft Confusion

    Thank you everyone! I think steel wire probably is my best bet, now that I've looked into it! I'm going to order some, how exciting! =D
  12. loopytheone

    Craft Confusion

    I'm trying to make one of those little fluttering butterfly things you see online, but I'm having trouble finding a thin, strong wire. Like, jewelery making wire is just too soft and malleable, the wire needs to be able to hold its shape when faced with the terrifying pressure of.... an elastic...
  13. loopytheone

    I just Quit drinking

    I'm so sorry to hear about your friend, that sounds absolutely awful. Best wishes to his loved ones. I'm glad his fiance doesn't have to worry about financial issues for a while, at least. Like you said, tomorrow is a another day and we learn in this journey through life. Life is never a...
  14. loopytheone

    Loopy's Lusciously Lavish Lair

    Well, each to their own but I really enjoyed the Bohemian Rhapsody film.
  15. loopytheone

    Losing Your Feeding Virginity

    I guess for me, it depends what you consider feederism/being fed. I'm not into the intense feederism stuff and so everything with me has been very mild. And I'm not the type to enjoy having a defined 'feeder/feedee' relationship. The few feederism things I've done have been with mutual feeder...
  16. loopytheone

    Loopy's Lusciously Lavish Lair

    Something happened today that I've got to share on this forum, it cracked me up so much. For reference, I work on a farm and my main tasks include caring for the guinea pigs and feeding the animals. Hence my nickname of "Guinea Pig Queen" and the Farm Feeder. I was feeding the piggys today...
  17. loopytheone

    FAs, how do you feel about fat on a person of the gender you are NOT attracted to?

    Well, you can certainly find a size/gender aesthetically attractive rather than sexually. Like "I like looking at them but I don't want to have sex with them". As well, people tend to like media that involves characters they can identify with, like how BBW tend to like stories with BBW in them...
  18. loopytheone

    How did you respond when health issues arose?

    Thank you posting this and the link. Very interesting area of research.
  19. loopytheone

    BBW The Uncontainable - by Marlow

    Ohhhh, interesting!
  20. loopytheone

    My Fat Attraction!!!

    I was born being attracted to fat people too, Shotha. Even as a little kid, whenever I played pretend games with people, I'd always want to be a fat version of whatever I was. I always felt like when I was skinny, I was wearing a suit or a mask, pretending to be somebody or something that I'm...
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