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    BBW The Uncontainable - by Marlow

    It's not over until the fat lady.....
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    BBW The Uncontainable - by Marlow

    Who would have thought a lovecraft god of hunger would be hungry?
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    BBW The Uncontainable - by Marlow

    "Well, my barn sized relative certainly SEEMS happy. Perhaps I will try this pudding chugging bench after all. Hey, didn't I trip over a skull awhile ago?" Everything is fine, no cause for alarm....
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    BBW The Uncontainable - by Marlow

    Pigtails? If the town anthem is "Oops I did it again" then the fetish trifecta is complete and the hellmouth shall open. Hmm Hell|Mouth. Perhaps there's something there. Looking forward to more writing:)
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    BBW The Uncontainable - by Marlow

    Tunnels, why did it have to be tunnels. No snakes yet though. Loving this story. Could be darker though.
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    BBW The Uncontainable - by Marlow

    Diana confuses me. Clearly death is the only solution. Death by pudding.
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    BBW The Uncontainable - by Marlow

    This is really good! Subtle amount of Innsmouth mythos makes it work even better. Queen in Yellow? Also, anyone else hungry for pudding?
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    Groundhog Day - by Marlow

    ALSO extremely intrested. I love time loop/ wg stories. FAVORITE. Also This Movie IS my life.
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    BBW Planet XL - by Marlow

    Illogical but interesting captain.
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    BBW Sisters

    mmm falafel. Yes, it is an excellent story. I like when literotica and expansion fiction meet. Sweet.
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    BBW The Food Critic (BBW, WG)

    Wait, this story is just beginning? Awwsome.
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    BBW Sisters

    Hells yeah, it's a great story. A little bit of an odd situation. it works. i
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    The Case of the Perilous Potluck - by Marlow

    Deep below, in some much used level of hell space, a cadre of demons spawned from whence the earth and the realm of gluttony (and perhaps outworld) silently readied themselves for more news from that their own fantasies may be fulfilled... and an old wizard in grey with a funny hat...
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    Skyler's Weight Loss Program [BBW (mult), MWG, stuffing, feederism]

    This story is well written...I like it! I like it a lot!
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    BBW The Ruby Ring

    A good story...if this is an indication I support more darkness in the future.
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    Phantom Gains - by Marlow ~BBW, ~MWG, paranormal, intrigue

    very interesting. I love a ghost story and I love a story that plays to my kink...awesome mashup
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    Emperor Basil the Fattener - by Sulla (BBW, Fantasy, MWG )

    Would love to see more of this story.
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    Game Changer

    oooooh I like how this is going. More please!
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    Bbw escort..

    So...about prosititutes. I don't use them for the same reason I don't use communism. Sounds great in theory, a safe, efficient way of disposing of one of lifes biggest iches at a fair price, but in fact...not so much. I mean it would be great for me if I could find someone reasonable to...
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