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    What happened to the old Dimensions?

    Because it starts from the top down. Exhibit A: And that's also why it's not going to go away.
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    mod/ban questions

    Go for the 5-pointer, Free! Be a hero. ;)
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    Everyday Food Pics - Part II - keep snapping!! :D

    Your dinner looks delicious! I've resorted to peeling butternut squash with a peeler, then hanging onto it with a paper towel while I'm cutting it. But that only works when you're using the squash cut up for something.
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    The Scale: Friend or Foe?

    My beef with scales isn't the number, it's that they're narrow and needing to stand on the edges throws off the number a little. I have a look see every couple weeks. At this point in my life it's just a tool. Mobility is a more important measurement for me than weight.
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    A Month Tommorow

    What a bundle of pink sweetness your great-niece is. She looks like she's blowing a cute little raspberry. Do you get bothered by being the only person left who knows about little things that were meaningful? Experiences, conversations, bits of knowledge you figured out together. Little...
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    Hernia/Abdominal Repair Surgery with SURGICAL MESH

    Have you consulted a WLS surgeon about doing the procedure? I'm supersize and my doctor referred me to a WLS practice to have mine done. WLS surgeons are used to working on supersize bodies and the anesthesiologists they work with are as well. I told mine on the first visit that I was there for...
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    A Month Tommorow

    Steely, I am always so impressed by your ability to share your journey here and let people in. It's a beautiful thing. These firsts are such painful hurdles but you are clearing them with honesty and grace. Hugs. Welcome to the boards, Delilia. I'm so sorry for the pain you are going through.
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    Homemade Pet Treats!!

    I came across this list of people food not to feed pets today while I was looking up info on National Spay and Neuter Month. Lots of stuff here I never knew about. List here
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    The Thread for Random Single Confessions Part ... I don't know what Part

    Hugs, LFW. Lots of us here understand they are more than just a cat or a dog or a bird. They're dear friends. I hope she will be okay. I will be watching to hear how the vet visit goes.
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    A Month Tommorow

    Pictures are so precious. Thank you for sharing these with us. Harold was a handsome man, and you both look so happy and comfortable together. You're a beautiful woman, Steely.
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    Truths-Answer a question/Ask a question.

    A: Until everyone with two hands on their keyboard is banned. Q: What do you imagine your pet would say to you if they could talk?
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    The Thread for Random Single Confessions Part ... I don't know what Part

    A refreshing departure from the usual wish that someone's Bic just won't flick. :p
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    Article: Obstructive Sleep Apnea May Worsen Diabetes

    The rest here:
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    Home Remedies

    Interesting list, especially the apple cider ones. Note about the nutmeg one--Nutmeg can be toxic in non-culinary amounts because it contains myristicin and other compounds. (Most recipes call for 1/4 teaspoon or so.) This isn't the most academic source, but it gives a quick rundown. Pregnant...
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    My dresses came Friday. Love the fit of the black velvet one--it's a 5X, which technically should be too small but fits. The red one is a 6X and I'm not as thrilled with it, but it's workable. Based on their size chart I shouldn't fit in any of it. I'm also going to have to move the straps on...
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    Let's see an OLD pic of you!

    These are so fun to look at. I love how you can still see the current person when looking at the eyes in the older picture. PhatChik, you still have the same beautiful ones you had as a six year old. Age 4 Age 23
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    The Thread for Random Single Confessions Part ... I don't know what Part

    I want to know what Liz THOUGHT it was lol.
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    What did you buy today?

    Your gram is adorable. Wanna pinch her cheeks lol.
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    Anyone know a supersized amputee?

    Your story is inspiring and your attitude is fantastic. Thank you for sharing what you've been through.
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