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  1. LarryTheNoodleGuy

    Things we break :)

    As long as an old thread is reviving- 3:30 AM, happily cuddling with a partner who is around 375 pounds at 5 feet tall. We're both awakened by a craccccccccck! And one side of the bed (her side!) completely collapses. I am dumped onto her and as we scramble, I can't help but notice she is...
  2. LarryTheNoodleGuy

    Drinking to increase stomach capacity

    Well, some might say that deliberately adding body fat isn't the best thing for one's health. Some would say "deadly." I don't, of course. That said- The trick is to just get used to being really full from high-fat, high-calorie food, and then, the second it seems to "go down," more high-fat...
  3. LarryTheNoodleGuy

    Loopy's Lusciously Lavish Lair

    Yeah, I'm sorry to be one of those people who jump on a thread to express an opposing opinion, and I do love you, Loopy! XXXX I just HATED the movie because Queen is in my heart, soul, lungs, kidneys and pancreas! And I'm glad YOU loved it, if it turns you onto Queen, then that's a great thing...
  4. LarryTheNoodleGuy

    Loopy's Lusciously Lavish Lair

    That's why I walked out of it. All I could see was "actor with fake teeth" and stock script full of cliches. What a POS. I didn't walk out on "Rocketman" but it was close, and for the same reason. And 14 bucks and 30 minutes of loud ads and coming attractions for more stupid Hollywood movies in...
  5. LarryTheNoodleGuy

    Fat Wrestlers

    Saw Sumo at Madison Square Garden some years ago. Loved it loved it.
  6. LarryTheNoodleGuy

    What do you like about the previous poster? Part Trois!

    Very positive, supportive, obviously very smart, and lovely to look at.
  7. LarryTheNoodleGuy

    Sounding fat?

    I have a dear friend who has put on a tremendous amount of weight in the last 20 years, and yes, I can definitely tell the difference in her voice, as well as the labored breathing I hear when we talk on the phone.
  8. LarryTheNoodleGuy

    How did you respond when health issues arose?

    Oops, I see I answered this question a long time ago.
  9. LarryTheNoodleGuy

    What are you happy about today?

    Job, roof over head, food in the refrigerator, nice clothes in the closet, a beautiful, sweet cuddle-buddy, healthy (fat!) body, things to do/see/experience, lots of touch and hugs and kisses, good people in my life, eyes that see, ears that hear, legs that walk. Like that! :)
  10. LarryTheNoodleGuy

    Celebrities in fatsuits

    What always strikes me is how much fun some of the people have when wearing the suit, despite some women's reporting of being ignored or treated harshly or such. Put it this way - I don't know a single skinny person, male or female, who hasn't stood in front of a mirror and pushed their stomach...
  11. LarryTheNoodleGuy

    What makes you feel awesome?

    Believe it or not, talking to old ladies, just chatting, and then "Have a great day!" I lost my mom not too long ago.
  12. LarryTheNoodleGuy

    Belly library (men/women)

    yea, even I am like OMG when I see these two pics together :)
  13. LarryTheNoodleGuy

    Belly library (men/women)

    More comfortable linking to my Imgur than posting pic which would remain in perpetuity, but wanting to participate anyhow via Imgur: Before and after - oops! :)
  14. LarryTheNoodleGuy

    How to spot a potential FFA in the wild?

    OMG when a woman pats your belly and it goes jiggle jiggle jiggle jiggle boing boing boing - HEAVEN! And even better when she smiles and...does it again. wtg
  15. LarryTheNoodleGuy

    What Are You Happy About Today? Part 3

    Unlike some people, I actually love Mondays - a chance to start anew, and excited to be alive in this unbelievable time of "beauty and mischief." It's a beautiful, bright blue, warm day and anything is possible. (Anything except me getting a job as a basketball player or modeling speedos for...
  16. LarryTheNoodleGuy

    Best fat comments

    haha well eventually you start looking for comments, hoping someone will say something that makes you tingle! You want others to notice you and what you're doing. :) I do, anyway. (Pats belly, watches it jiggle jiggle.)
  17. LarryTheNoodleGuy

    Best fat comments

    Was being spooned by lovely partner, who said: "I love the way your stomach just goes OUT starting right under your chest." She demonstrated this by running her hand over my chest and then over all the fat on my belly - and her hand kept going out and out and out - and down under it where the...
  18. LarryTheNoodleGuy

    Changes due to gaining

    *Bending over to get something that fell onto the passenger side floor and - NOPE! You're not going any further! Belly in the way! *Walking up a flight of stairs - "Why am I out of breath? Oh, right..." *No matter what you wear, the fact that you're chubby/fat is on display, for all the world...
  19. LarryTheNoodleGuy

    Is there minimum requirement to be considered a BHM?

    Bless you, my dear! :):):)
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