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  1. Wanderer

    The Music Thread

    I like the opening to "Eat It", myself. I like imagining myself as the guy who's too fat to exit the manhole... :eat2::eat1:
  2. Wanderer

    How did you meet your significant other FFA/BHM?

    The short and simple version, Symmetry, is that women are not attracted to "desperate" men. Regardless of body size, you need a certain amount of confidence and élan to be attractive.
  3. Wanderer

    What are you happy about today?

    It varies, to be honest. Usually, there's no issue, but sometimes, well, sometimes passport holders wind up stranded in other countries for a while because someone insists on a set list of documents.
  4. Wanderer

    What are you happy about today?

    My apologies, I mistyped. Thank you for the correction. :)
  5. Wanderer

    Loop in America

    Officially, at least, the United States declared war mostly because the British were stealing our sailors to man their ships. Well, and because Britain was trying to tell us who we could trade with, while running arms to the Indian tribes in hopes we'd get killed off or driven back to the...
  6. Wanderer

    What are you happy about today?

    For those who don't get the reference: The Haudenosaunee are the tribe more famously known as the Iroquois.
  7. Wanderer

    Loop in America

    Hey now, maybe we didn't gain any territory, but we kept what we had. For a nation that was barely in its thirties, that's a pretty big victory. :)
  8. Wanderer

    Things a fat guy would like to be able to say

    They're working on it...
  9. Wanderer

    May we have a BHM/FFA weight and size thread?

    Have managed to eat my way up to 270, according to the scale at the blood bank. Why can't fattening myself up be faster... ?
  10. Wanderer

    Halloween Costumes!

    Sadly, I have to work on Halloween -- I'm a server at Huddle House in the evenings. So I can only wear my wolf tail and my Necomimi ears, not anything fancy.
  11. Wanderer

    Alone Time Fantasies

    Heh. It's probably trite, but... Being touched by a woman. She touches me lovingly, sweetly, possessively. And she gleefully tells me that I'm just going to get bigger... and fatter... slower... and softer... Excuse me, I need some alone time...
  12. Wanderer

    Boys With Big Booty's

    I'm built like a champagne bottle, myself -- my hips have always been wider than my waist. Let me see if I've got a decent pic. (rummage, rummage) It's a little old, mind -- the curves are bigger, but the hair and beard are shorter for work:
  13. Wanderer

    Apetamin videos on youtube?

    Basically, Apetamine is an antihistamine (Cyproheptadine) plus an amino acid (Lysine). Of these, the weight gain is mainly due to the antihistamine: Cyproheptadine has not only the usual drowsiness associated with antihistamines, but also a known side effect of increased appetite and weight...
  14. Wanderer

    where can i find a female feeder?

    Wish I could oblige, but I'm stuck in Texas. Heaven knows, I'd love to be stuffed senseless by a woman who wanted to have sex with me.
  15. Wanderer

    What made you LOL today?

    Ah! Well, that's what I get for not being trained. :) At least I proved one thing -- it's easy to get the question wrong. ;)
  16. Wanderer

    Post your favorite...anything

    Thanks muchly! :) Yep, hard to get better than the classic RPG and the first animated series to accurately incorporate Shakespeare.
  17. Wanderer

    What 'derp' / 'doh' moment did you have today?

    It could have been worse. I learned the hard way when, in high school French II, I asked Mme. Attaway (my teacher): Porquoi est-qu'on dit "j'ai chaud", et pas "je suis chaud"? Which is grammatically correct, sure, but means: Why does one say "I have heat" (I am hot) and not "I am hot"...
  18. Wanderer

    What made you LOL today?

    You'd be surprised how many people miss the question, at that. Sure, it should be obvious that b) is wrong -- you're not there to put her at ease, you're there to interview her -- but c) is a common misstep from people who try to be "conversational" and just wind up at "overly familiar".
  19. Wanderer

    Any way you want it

    To be fair, Vader does find redemption at the very end. Redemption that means more when you see what he started as, rather than just how he ended up. If only it wasn't Lucas writing it...
  20. Wanderer

    Post your favorite...anything

    Favorite... Animal: Wolf Extinct Animal: Brown Cascade Mountains Wolf City: Seattle, WA (Yes, I know I'm a Texan. It doesn't make any sense to me, either.) Food: Lamb. Especially fresh spring lamb. Free-range. Tasting of sunshine and sweet water and that delicious flavor...
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