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    Girlfriend wants to lose weight but I don’t want her to. How can I change my attitude?

    that is always a very difficult and usually an unpleasant situation to be in. the old battle of the instincts. i mean, first of all, that happens to everyone. it is very rare to have the girl that never says she wants to lose weight. some actually do all the way and lose it ... remember, the...
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    Drinking to increase stomach capacity

    i think the best way to get added capacity to eat is just eat, grab a piece of pizza, eat it, then another, feel full, feel fuller, and the next time make an effort to eat one more piece and slowly you will get used to eat more, in a fantastic virtous cycle
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    Wendy Conner, aka CuteFatchick, aka Big Cutie Wendy has passed away at 41

    sad to read about this , sorry for your loss
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    How did you respond when health issues arose?

    it would be great if more people came to this thread and comment on it, being really heavy is a unique experience i am sure
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    Models getting fat

    it is more common to see curvy models for sure, my guess it is focused on models who were always struggling to stay in that super skinny unnatural category that is not attainable for everyone, decided to eat some food, gained curves, and people like it, surprise ! there are some really beautiful...
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    i see this as a positive development for sure. coming out. people saying with a megaphone what we have been sharing over here for years. some man like fat woman. this relationships exist and they are ok. fat is also beautiful and we love it. and... also, sometimes it comes with certain important...
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    +800 Pound Vanilla from is on Jan. 2020 "My 600 lb Life"

    this is a good thread to talk about. vanilla... i have only seen her in a few videos. her gain is amazing and beyond what we normally see, of course she seemed ok with it but you really have to wonder how happy can you be if you can only walk a few meters and you get absolutely out of breath and...
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    When did you realize what you liked, and what triggered it?

    this has been a topic of discussion previously of course but it is one that you never get really tired of writing or reading about. personally... i was around 12 years and i was looking to see under girls skirts and blouses and sometimes i managed to do it because that is how things are. and i...
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    I am going to be honest here.

    you have all my support. and also, i will use this space to make a confession as well. my wife is really short, 1.52mts and she has a very nice figure, heavy on the bottom but very equal, boobs and a little belly, at least when we met. weighing at 60kilos she was officially overweight, chubby to...
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    I was told I needed to lose weight.

    just have fun, and enjoy every meal until you are full and them some more, eat without any kind of limit and pounds will come i think that is the best way
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    I was told I needed to lose weight.

    what were the doctor's argument ? how are you feeling ? if you really want i think you should go for it all full speed, live it, and evaluate how good do you feel about it and about the journey , this is of course a biased forum but we are here for support
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    Reactions and Observations From a "Mismatched" Couple

    from a mismatched couple it will be. my wife is really aware of her figure and while constantly claims wanting to lose weight fortunately all her efforts have backfired. she has mentioned that she is so fat in comparison to me, that we make a 10 couple, or at least that is how we may look from...
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    BBW/SSBBW dating stereotypes...

    in general, as a society, we have a lot of ground to cover on these topics, things are not perfect but i do think we are moving in the right direction, and we being here and being able to discuss this in some way is proof of that
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    Members who gained weight after marrying their partner.

    personally i discovered this fetish well before marriage, and... while i did gain a decent amount of gain when dating in the marriage it has been a bit of the opposite. i stayed with my life-long habits and lost weight, down to my 'normal' and she has continue to eat and gain, much to my delight.
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    A serious question for the ladies about huge breasts

    big breasts are always a pro in a woman, really huge breats are difficult to find and they are also difficult to keep your eyes up, and funny enough that makes it difficult to date this girls because well you just can´t concentrate and well they eventually notice it. for a guy who is really...
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    Anticipating health pitfalls

    for larry and for all... diseases can come from unexpectedly and in a variety of forms. also there are so many ways to get the same disease. one is to be 50 pounds heavier than recommended but leading an active lifestyle and having a balanced diet and another thing is to be 40pounds heavier but...
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    Bigger or the Same?

    number 2 is bigger indeed, good progress, hopefully you are both enjoying the process and the results ! thanks for posting
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    Temporary bloating

    i sometimes take that path. and i do enjoy watching my belly unusually big, and i go absolutely crazy when i see the belly of my lady looking bloated,
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    Do you often feel conscious about the weight

    i must admit that i am mainly aware of the size of my belly. when is begins to look and feel like a really pot belly i do cut it a bit on the food side and try to eat better, of course i advice just the opposite to my lady
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    Question about diet for light gaining

    genetics are powerful, the only thing that could happen is the following... a recent gain is usually firm and the belly looks round and else, but with time that may get softer, specially if there is some yo-yo weight, as for getting side rolls and double bellies that is another thing but yes she...
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