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    No longer a corporeal entity.

    No longer a corporeal entity.
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    Question with a Question

    Only if he believes in the infallibility of the Pope and transubstantiation.
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    Question with a Question

    As long as it was boiled, dried and wrapped in cling-film afterwards, I'm OK with it. I'm more concerned about where it's going.
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    Are complements okay in todays age

    I operate within an older cultural paradigm which I have tailored to suit my individual needs. I ignore or actively resist those who attempt to socially engineer behavioral norms that conflict with biological reality. That being said, I only complement women or comment on their appearance when...
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    I remember when we migrated away from our Holy Mountain after the crops in the valley began to fail. The trek was arduous, and many of us fell along the way until we came to the plane of Shinar, the place of the Three Rivers. Steve wanted to name it Ea'den after our Lord Ea, for by his guidance...
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    What does saturday night mean to you?

    The Shabbat has gone out and I can flip light switches again. (Sarcasm warning)
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    Squeezablysoft's Sweetly Spicy and Scrumptiously Saucy She Shed

    Sits far too close sporting weird grin.
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    "What ever happened to..."

    I'm in a witness protection program under the assumed name of "Abzu". Oops.
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    Recreating the nation in the image of a 21st century social democracy in which the welfare of...

    Recreating the nation in the image of a 21st century social democracy in which the welfare of citizens is paramount. Right after my nap.
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    An important take on the many obesity myths

    Agreed. I've had strangers approach me unsolicited (Always a treat) and ask me what the secret is to either losing weight, or otherwise improving health. They are never satisfied when I state, quite sincerely, that losing weight in all but the most unusual circumstances is a matter of reducing...
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    The View from the Back

    Oh my.... What a delightful complexion and shape.
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    Intentional or accidental?

    My ideal is a fat woman who has achieved a certain equilibrium, typically genetically determined. I'm not in favour of purposeful gaining. I am supportive of intentional weight loss, purely for reasons of health, but only if it's practical. It's usually not practical for most fat women as the...
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    Article: About the Fat Caste System

    Thanks. There are countless things I've not mentioned, like the year they tried to gradually eliminate my food benefit altogether, eventually reducing it to 17 dollars a month, as well as my primary income, despite the fact that my income never exceeded 800 US dollars a month. This went on for...
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    What are you wearing right now?

    Thick winter-compatible pullover complimenting unclad lower half. Pants and underwear only slow me down as I leap from my resting place like a coiled tiger. It has been suggested that it's more like a sack of wet laundry falling off the edge of a bed, but those who put forward such notions are...
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    Car Seatbelts

    Starting sometime in the early 90s, Cadillac began to reintroduce the size they'd eliminated in an attempt to comply with new emissions standards. ECUs and their transaxle module counterparts became advanced enough to allow for much larger cars once again. At the time, they were some of the most...
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    Car Seatbelts

    As odd as it might sound, I got a note from a doctor when I was 15 (1986) excusing me from wearing them. I had to use it once or twice nearly 30 years ago, and though I've been pulled over many times since, it's never really been an issue. Most police and highway patrol types, at least in my...
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    FA/FFA Who was Your First Plus-Sized Crush?

    I do, but am unable to fully express the mental imagery and sentiments associated with such a thing in a public forum.
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    Morbidly Obese?

    Although I'm not in love with the term "Morbidly Obese", I wouldn't particularly object to it either if those labeling me such treated/viewed me with appropriate compassion and as a fully actualized human. By "those" I mean "medical professionals". Being labeled such by members of the general...
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    Article: About the Fat Caste System

    @loopytheone Though not every single person I've dealt with has been universally cruel, my descent into clinical disability which accompanied my exciting introduction to middle age has provided a rapid and agonizing education. The average person in vast swathes of rural America, typically the...
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    FA/FFA Who was Your First Plus-Sized Crush?

    A high-school gym class peer. We were about 15 at the time, neither one of us had reached our full physical potential. I believe she must have been about 5 feet 5, probably somewhere between 145 and 160 pounds. I think I was probably about 5' 10" and roughly 300 pounds. She was pale...
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