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    Hypothetical question...

    If I got a puppy, and I really liked watching her eat, and I kept feeding her the things she loved most, and we had a great loving bond that we both enjoyed, and she got prettier in my eyes as she gained, would it be wrong for me to over-feed her until I had to carry her, as she was too heavy to...
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    Is Housewife another word for ______?

    Do men whose wives don't work, expect more sex than those who do?:smitten: Also, is Homemaker a nicer/different word for Housewife, or does it mean something else? :confused:
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    Anyone else make their husbands hide the goodies?

    I'm a chocolate addict, and since I am powerless over anything sugary or chocolate covered, I have to limit my consumption for my own good. I have a couple of doughnuts or cookies, and I have to give the rest to my husband to hide, or else I'll finish the whole box in one sitting. It sounds...