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  1. daddyoh70

    RIP Dick Clark/ RIP Levon Helm

    I searched and did not find a thread related to either. On 4/18/2012, the worlds oldest teenager passed away after suffering a heart attack. Here is a link to several articles paying homage to a great man In other...
  2. daddyoh70

    The Thundah from Down Undah Thread!!!

    We've had threads with all kinds of music here, but IMO, some of the greatest music I've ever listened to has come from Australia. That's right, late 70's early 80's in your face Aussie Rock n Roll. Naturally AC/DC is the first band to come to mind, but thanks to a local record store, when I...
  3. daddyoh70

    True Blood

    Is anyone else watching the HBO series True Blood on Sunday nights? It takes place in Louisiana, where thanks to the invention of synthetic blood, vampires have become "regular" members of society. It's from the creators of Six Feet Under. I for one, am addicted. Each episode leaves me...
  4. daddyoh70

    Georgia Wildman Jerry Reed Dead at 71

    I just found this out today, but apparently Jerry Reed passed away Sept. 1 of complications from Emphysema. In many places, he's probably more well known for his role as "Snowman" in the Smokey and the Bandit movies, but Reed was a gifted song writer and phenomenal guitar player. I'm personally...
  5. daddyoh70

    The Duct Tape Thread

    There was recently some references made to this wonderful product. I'm a firm believer that anything can be fixed with Duct Tape and WD40. I was just wondering what are some of the craziest things you've fixed or held together with Duct Tape. For me. Well, I once passed a car through...
  6. daddyoh70

    Mrs. Hughes

    This was sent to me in an email. This is the first I've heard of her. She had me at her first joke with the microphone stand. I opened it at work and got some rather funny looks when I laughed out loud at some of her jokes. I'm a total sucker for a funny woman. Hope you enjoy...
  7. daddyoh70

    Ahhhhh Go Scrooge yourself !!!!

    or if you don't like that, Go Elf yourself Here are mine Initial load times are a bit slow.
  8. daddyoh70

    When not to hyphenate your name

    This struck me as kinda funny, whether these are actual names or not.... I don't know
  9. daddyoh70

    The Silver Medal goes to Scotland,and the Gold...

    U.S.A. !!! U.S.A. !!! The fat police are at it again, "Obesity levels in Scotland are the second highest in the developed world behind the US, statistics have revealed. A report found that the "obesity epidemic" in Scotland has increased the number of overweight adults by 46% over the past...
  10. daddyoh70

    Let's not forget The Blues

    Dedicated to those who influenced the likes of Clapton, Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Blues aren't big where I'm from so I never heard a real Blues song till I was about 15, B.B. King's The Thrill is Gone. From then on, every payday was spent trying to find Blues records at the local record...