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    Something Positive to say about the community

    From time to time I come across threads that have to do with the Community or Bashes or Dims not being what it used to be and that things have changed but not necessarily for the better. That was not my experience this past weekend at The New Jersey Bash and I feel the need to thank so many...
  2. K

    Oh My Gosh, Leggings!

    I dont go to this site often but I just happened to be looking around and came across two pages of some really cool leggings I wanted to share some samples below
  3. K

    Meeting the Family

    So I'm going to be meeting my boyfriends family for the holiday and I'm starting to get nervous (especially after watching The Family Stone). I'm not really sure what to expect. Does anyone have stories of when you first met your significant others family to share and hopefully ease my mind...
  4. K

    Things I learned about Men from my Cat

    Most mornings my cat will jump up on me no matter what I'm doing and won't leave me alone until he gets all my attention. As soon as he does and he is satisfied he'll walk away as if to say "OK, I'm done". So I started to think of other ways in which they're actions compare to men. Here is my...
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    Call in Day for Ovarian Cancer 7/10/08

    Hi Everyone I don't know how appropriate this is but it's an issue close to my Heart. My Grandma, who raised me, died from ovarian cancer. Because of it's obscure symptoms its a cancer that usually isn't detected in its early stages so survival isn't as high with ovarian cancer. Most doctors...
  6. K

    What Came First; The Chicken or the Egg

    I've been thinking about something that is a little bit like the chicken or the egg concept. From reading various threads it seems that so many FA's, encouragers, and feeders say that their tastes and/or fantasies have expanded(no pun intended) over time. And as much as I LOVE this forum, I...
  7. K


    I just went Strawberry picking and picked 6 pounds. Anyone have any good recipes for strawberries?
  8. K

    Rockabilly Music

    I wanted to post this for all the Rockabilly fans out there. There is a local band in my area that I've seen quite a few times. I love the music and I thought some others on the site might like it too. They're called The Lucky Strikes and you can hear their music on myspace at...
  9. K

    Your First Car

    A question I asked in a question and answer thread got me to thinking about my first car and all the memories surrounding it. It was a 1987 Cavalier Z24 special edition racing car. It was white (my favorite non color, color) with a pink stripe (My cousin put it on for me) and a black fin on the...
  10. K

    Turn Ons

    The sky has darkened and the smell of rain is in the air. Strong winds are causing the trees to sing and dance. Loud claps of thunder can be heard in the distance getting closer by the minute and rain drops have begun to pelt a drum beat on the windows and roof. A strike of lightning fills me...
  11. K

    Torn Rotator Cuff and Tendonitis

    SO I just find out today I apparently have an old torn rotator cuff injury that has resulted in tendonitis and a build up of calcium deposits that I'm going to need surgery for. Has anyone else been through this that can tell me what to expect from surgery and recovery time. And by the way, did...
  12. K

    Seeking support and guidance

    Hi everyone, I've just recently discovered Dims and I am posting a new thread instead of introducing myself through the introduction forum because I am in need of support and guidance from people who I know should understand where I'm coming from. I'm 275 lbs and usually very comfortable with...