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    female/female soft domination revenge

    Hello, I may tell you to have a look on the in my stories under Atilde folio. Take care these stories are for adults. There are very good one's under Badcompany folio and others and others from excellent writers... And sure, Matt .L stories under his folio...
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    FYI: WG stories at

    Well done Observer. I want to tell my opinion. Please readers do not forget that a large quantity of stories are coming form imagination. Nothing is these stories is real. It is the same for stories posted here and in the foreverchanging forum. It is the same with other ones in other sites...
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    Lesbian BBW weight gain stories.

    Hello, May be you could have a look in I've written some small wg stories about that. Take Care Atilde
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    Help with a story

    It think you are looking for a story done by an excellent writer called Kastemel if I remember, this story had also some very good drawings attached. It is called :Tribal If it is this one I know where it is. Take Care Atilde
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    Story about a woman from the city who changes into a simple country girl
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    Merry Christmas to all!

    Merry Christmas. I wish you all the best things you may need. Sincerely Atilde:kiss2:
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    looking for a story...

    Hello, Yes sure, I know this story There are other stories like that written by the excellent Matt.L If you look here, you may find some if his stories in the forum. So enjoy. Matt.L is one of the best,(if not the best) writers...
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    Found something disturbing

    Hello Observer, Many Thanks for these explanations. In fact the idea is the following : We have not to wait for the law to put your limits. This is the real liberty, mine is to never have children involved in my stories because IT IS DANGEROUS. I told the reasons on my last message...
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    Found something disturbing

    Dear Friends, Perhaps you have "seen" some of my stories here. As a writer, I play with my imagination. I know what is a dream and what is reality. When as a reader I read a story in the forum, it is because I want to go out of reality. My opinion is that we have to respect all aspects of...
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    Scarlet Letter

    Yes it is here Excellent story done by Earl Brown. If you look you will fin in the same forum an uncensored version also. Take care Atilde
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    Plot or Gain?

    Here's one reply: (Please apologies for my poor vocabulary.) It depends of the story you want to write. I've written myself several kind of stories, Always with weight gain, and always with a little story. At each time I want to do something different. Weight gain is one thing but one...
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    Looking for a story....

    May be it is this story, but I'm not sure that it is the one he is looking for. If he likes stories like that, after reading the excellent story from Badcompany, he may have a look to mine. I've some of this style. Take care Atilde
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    alternate Reality

    Hello, Try to find the excellent stories of mister Matt.L. He is a genius in this type of stories. Have a good reading Atilde
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    I want to ask ALL the writers here...

    Hello, When I write a story, your read your story, because you use your imagination. If another one read the same story he will read another. When I write a story, I do not copy one. It is not possible for me. The imagination is a perfect tool. I use it. Take Care Atilde
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    Weights and Measures

    Hello, I do not wanted to make publicity.:cool: It is easy to use But if you like some kind of clothes make a research with this three words: my virtual model You may find that it is fine to choice clothes too.:rolleyes: Take Care Atilde
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    Is it even worth it?

    Dear Karnage70, Myself, I look around to find a story. If I do not find it, I write it.:blink: I've never been able to write really good stories as I have not a too large vocabulary in English, but I put my passion in my stories. I put them on some sites. In fact, it is a like a...
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    Weights and Measures

    Hello Friends If you are looking for "normal" bodies, from thin to fat, it is possible to have a look with the fantastic "virtual model" available on line. It is not done for that, it is to select clothes and buy them on line, Your model helps you to see if it fits. Myself, when I've...
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    Stories with Sabotage

    Hello, There is some about sabotage stories here in the stories. I'm not sure about what you are really looking for, but it is important to know if your interest is about the idea of the sabotage... she or he doesn't know...
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    My site

    Hello, Curious, as usual, I've found this link for Billyjoe, but I've not been able to open files. Take care Atilde
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    The Life Designer [P.1-4] by Phrozen (~BBW, Magic, Self-realization, ~MWG )

    Very good start of story. I'm impatient for part two, and may be for others as the idea of the story is also very good. Many thanks. Atilde