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    Enjoying being fat (not about food or sex)?

    Not sure I get the feeling, sorry mate. That being said, I'm kinda curious as to what the idea is for those who don't get off to being fat is for wanting to be fat. I can understand why someone would want to be fat as a sexual thing but I'm kinda lost as to why someone would want to be fat as...
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    moral dilema

    To start off, this is how feederism often work. People gain and many of them have their limits and usually those limits will be discussed or mentioned about. Sometimes, people have different limits. A feeder might have a higher limit or a feedee might have a higher limit. In the instance...
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    fetishes and the FA

    Over the years, I've come to a certain conclusion about myself. I can be attracted to average to supersized partners however what has not changed has been my interest in feedism. Be they thin or fat the anticipation is always with the gain and it is always in the back of my mind. In this...
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    FA Frustrations

    a thread about FA frustrations a thread about clothing, how wonderful... ANYWAYS, yea it's extremely frustrating. I not only like larger woman, I'm also a feeder. As a result of this, my dating pool is very limited as it happens to be a rather rare fetish which if I don't express in a...
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    Friends who self-fat-shame and believe they are unattractive and stuff

    You can't get people to love themselves. When people have body issues it doesn't really matter what other people say, as long as that's what they think they're going to continue to think about it, they'll really only think that you're just being nice. People with really bad cases should...
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    Folks whose desires are firmly tied into FA-ness, have you had crushes on slim folks?

    Yep, have had crushes on people who were thin and were romantically attracted to them but felt nothing sexually for them. I've also had an occasional physical thing for someone not fat but it's rather rare (once every 5 years maybe?) that its a non entity for the most part.
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    Body or attitude?

    I'm a feeder so my answer is pretty much attitude. It doesn't bug me if they're thin, average, or chubby but if they want to be fat and actively think it's attractive than that is awesome for me.
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    I feel horrible

    As a feeder I just...I just don't understand this issue. And perhaps I'm being harsh but I'll say this. If you're feeling terrible for what you are doing right now, good. That's your self-conscious telling you that what you're doing right now isn't good for anybody involved and that you're...
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    Your identity

    I am a feeder. I have had FA inclinations going all the way back to JK/SK. I was aware that I was attracted to weight gain back in Gr.3 No matter what kink I have, feederism must be a part of it. No matter how much I may dislike being a feeder (due to limiting factors among other things) it...
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    People Who Invest So Much Time and Effort Negatively? Why?

    As others have mentioned, it seems to be more a case of projection. It's a common occurrence. Someone goes from fat to thin and they project their dislike of their old fat self onto everybody else who happens to be fat. They'll surround themselves with other like minded people in order to...
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    Catfish 1

    I'm mainly going to deal with this part right here.... You see, you mention that people are convicted over and over again wherever they live but if you look at the numbers that's not entirely the case. Here is Canada's sexual recidivism rates, here is the rather important factor. You...
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    Is feederism still popular?

    Popular? Feederism has NEVER been popular. It's always been something which has been seen as pretty "evil" by the mainstream (and barely tolerated on here). Generally speaking, there are more resources out there for feeder/feedees than there was previously and perhaps more people have...
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    Catfish 1

    Ehh.. That didn't really seem like catfishing more like the usual creepers that lurk on the internet. As someone else has already mentioned there are ways of figuring out if they're a creeper or not, usually it's the whole "text talk" thing and what they type being the biggest giveaway...
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    Is it harder to come out as an FA or an FFA?

    There are variations of closeted individuals. There are those who "fuck fatties on the side" and refuse to be seen around with their fat partner out in public. These individuals pretty much deserve all the scorn that they get for the emotional rollercoaster and general douchebaggery that...
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    I want to stuff and gain while showing it all off!

    All I'm going to say is...good luck really... The Paysite industry is quite competitive if I recall correctly and unless there's something particularly special and unique that makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd there ain't going to be much in terms of income. For most people...
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    why do fat women make society so uncomfortable?

    In the West I'd think it has to do with societies standards for different genders. The standards for men value achieving, the standard for women seems to be more appearance based. You could be an extremely attractive man but if you're jobless and live with your mom (or worse are on welfare)...
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    Fat activism as a public good? (Fa/FFA perspective )

    Different people have different priorities. Not everyone is going to get too involved in one issue or another but some people do get quite involved. For the average Joe what you can hope for is that they'll call out others in their BS, treat fat people as people, and maybe try to spread...
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    vending machines to furnish calorie count

    I don't understand why this is needed AT ALL. I mean, they have the calories on the damn side of the food already, if some people can't be bothered to look onto the side of what they're eating and then balance everything else out throughout the day, then *shrug*.
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    Fat as Revenge?

    /sigh It's fetish material. The whole bloody thing of fattening someone against their will/force/revenge feeding is part of the more BDSM related parts of feederism. Fetish literature tends not to be in any way, shape, or form politically correct and frankly it shouldn't have to be since...
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    FA Guilt

    @ranterc, those types of things would honestly annoy me. It annoys me because it feels like being such a tease and being extremely indecisive. The next time that someone goes like that I would tell them to make up their damn mind (that's not what you should do just what I would probably...