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  1. Tychondarova

    Fat Friendly OBGYN in Phoenix

    Sorry I should have clarified, that second doctor who wrote the prescription for her no problem was back where she used to live, which is hundreds of miles away. Not really I viable option. Sorry if I wasn't clear. Although what you said about the first doctor does put me at ease a little...
  2. Tychondarova

    Fat Friendly OBGYN in Phoenix

    Hey Dims, My girlfriend, who just moved down here, needs to make an appointment to get her birth control meds refilled, which means she needs to go see an OBGYN. However, the last one she went to told her that she was too fat to get birth control (which is absurd, she is 5'4'' and 190...
  3. Tychondarova

    How come since I gained weight, I have no male attention?

    Bingo! Let me reiterate it again, for the OP, in case she misses it. BINGO! Its all the confidence in how you carry yourself. Do you walk differently now? Do you smile as much? Do you hold yourself with the same esteem as you did when you were thin? Frankly, I know a lot of fat...
  4. Tychondarova

    More to Love TV Show

    So today I say a preview for this new reality dating show called More to Love, and from what I can tell, its basically The Bachelor, except the woman are exclusively fat, and the guy is a bit on the chubby side as well. I became genuinely excited (apparently because I am an idiot with terrible...
  5. Tychondarova

    My weight gain (with pics)

    Jayde, you are looking fantastic! Congratulations on hitting your milestones, and good luck hitting the big 200! From there, who knows...?;) -Ty
  6. Tychondarova

    Passed 200lbs

    Congratulations on this milestone! Best of luck with your 260 goal! :D -Ty
  7. Tychondarova

    Obesity and Birth Control

    Thanks for all the great advice Dims! Yeah, I think that doctor was off her rocker. I mean, my girl is in her mid 20's was a high school athlete and in good health. I think the doctor is honestly just being mean and going with the knee-jerk reaction. Apparently this isn't the first time...
  8. Tychondarova

    Any Athiest F.A's?

    Atheist FA reporting for duty! "That which can be proved without evidence can be disproved without evidence." Great quote. Sums it up better than I can. -Ty
  9. Tychondarova

    Obesity and Birth Control

    So my girlfriend is about 5'4'' and 210 pounds. She recently went to the doctor to get her birth control medication refilled (she has been using Yasmin for about a year). Her gynecologist now suddenly refused to refill her prescription unless she loses "at least 30 pounds". My girlfriend is...
  10. Tychondarova

    You know your a BHM when??

    You know you're a BHM when... You have to hold your belly in with your hands to see the numbers on the scale. Your smaller friends use you as a pillow. You habitually rest plates of food on your belly while you eat. You inquisitively ask Burger King how many patties they can put on a...
  11. Tychondarova

    When you were younger....

    Its funny, its one of those things that I always knew, ever since I can remember, but actually realized kind of early. Maybe I wasn't totally conscious of why, but even in grade school I would befriend the fat girls, and bring them extra food in my lunch, or give them my dessert, things like...
  12. Tychondarova

    The Lie Thread

    LIES!!! -Ty
  13. Tychondarova

    I want to pump myself to make myself look pregnant.

    The rest of the world thinks WE'RE out of the ordinary. -Ty
  14. Tychondarova

    Happy Birthday Troubaduors

    Haha, happy birthday! I am likewise turning 21, on Friday! Enjoy that first legal drink;) -Ty P.S. Good show on the whiskey sour. It has long since been my drink of choice.;)
  15. Tychondarova

    I want to pump myself to make myself look pregnant.

    You know, this was someone coming here legitimately asking for advice on something they were interested in. She's not some lunatic. Show a little respect. -Ty
  16. Tychondarova

    Reminiscing on the Blueberry Girl...

    Great find dude! Lol, I have never seen this before, but you know, I can see how this fits into the same category as the whole blueberry thing. So it starts at birth I suppose, huh? Wow! -Ty
  17. Tychondarova

    Arm Folds? WTF

    May I just say that this thread is absolute cuteness overload. A HUGE round of applause and my deepest admiration to the beautiful women of Dimensions, and fat women everywhere! :wubu:*Gives giant hug to all the chubby honies*:wubu: -Ty
  18. Tychondarova

    Reminiscing on the Blueberry Girl...

    I'm not familiar with this scene. Please elaborate or link plz?;) -Ty
  19. Tychondarova

    Reminiscing on the Blueberry Girl...

    As a kid, I remember watching Willy Wonka, and being entranced by the sight of seeing Violet blow up into her blueberry form, and was likewise turned on in the remake (despite it being an inferior movie). Watching her expanding like that was one of the defining moments for me as an FA in my...
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