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  1. CorinaJade

    ladies, what do you find unattractive?

    From a purely visual standpoint, I find baggy obviously old and overworn clothes unattractive, but there's nothing wrong with cheap clothes as long as they're clean and not full of holes (I myself don't own a simple item of popular "name brand" clothing). I think cleanliness and how a person...
  2. CorinaJade


    My guy is the same size as me, both in weight and in height, he has a small advantage in both, but we're pretty much the same. I don't think i'd ever feel comfortable sitting on his lap. I think i still mentally treat peoples laps like plastic lawn chairs. Gingerly and with constant fear that...
  3. CorinaJade

    Post pics of yourself....LIVING

    This is my first time uploading photos... so here's hoping it works and they aren't too big :) Me LIVING This one is fun ^.^ My fiance and i at a Da Vinci expo in town... he bought me a cute little (actually rather large) stuffed kitty from Morning Glory that day too ^.^ Me in...
  4. CorinaJade

    What is your weight right now?

    hovering around 299 as of this afternoon. Not my biggest ever, but not my smallest either. I was 345 at my biggest, and 233 at my smallest.
  5. CorinaJade

    Still too skinny?

    I think when it's yourself, you are less likely to notice change because you see yourself every day, and slow changes can easily go unnoticed. But you have definitely got noticable changes going on, your arms are thicker and your cheeks are fuller, i'd say it's a good change ^.^ Especially if...
  6. CorinaJade

    Plus Size Wedding Dresses

    Oh my gosh penguin thank you SO much for posting that website, the dresses are gorgeous! There's even a store near me! How exciting!
  7. CorinaJade

    Things we break :)

    My partner and i are both bigger people, and the first time in our relationship that we were both back at his place "getting to know each other a little better" on his bed, BAM the thing broke beneath us. We now have ourselves a nice sturdy wooden bed as opposed to that rather weak metal framed...
  8. CorinaJade

    Bbw, What do you wish you had the Courage to do?

    I find the biggest issue, at least for me, was developing a sense of self worth to get over public fears, or dating fears. I used to not feel like i was worth being with, or that people looked at me as different or wrong. I know that with workplaces hiring people there are prejudices held...
  9. CorinaJade

    When/how did you notice, "Wow, I got fat?!"

    I've also never been tiny, but i realised just how BIG i'd gotten when i was 17, and i'd reached a size 26 in Australian sizings, and realised that if i got bigger, i wouldn't even be able to even shop in the larger womens clothing stores. I then dropped to a size 18 - 20, but over the past year...
  10. CorinaJade

    Have you ever had someone leave you for losing/gaining weight?

    It's interesting to see it having happened to others as well. Because he was my first serious relationship i was in the mindset that the whole dynamic we had going on was completely normal for a relationship. Now that i've been out of it for a long time and i'm with someone who truely does love...
  11. CorinaJade

    Change a Letter - 6 Letters: Part 2!

    Gravel - Travel
  12. CorinaJade

    Bbw, What do you wish you had the Courage to do?

    I know the feeling, i've had the exact same worries when looking for work. It's not nice to feel like you are judged and not hired for being seen as "less worthy for the job" just for being overweight. It's wrong. I wish i could go on themepark rides without fearing that i'll break the whole...
  13. CorinaJade

    Plus Size Wedding Dresses

    I've found hunting for an affordable, elegant yet flattering wedding gown in plus sizes to be near impossible for me. Especially because i'm such a pear shaped girl, my top half is an 18 in Australian sizes, and my bottom half is a 22 - 24 depending on the brands. And in Australia there are so...
  14. CorinaJade

    The show your face/introduction thread

    Thank you for the warm welcome :) Good to see a fellow Aussie and teacher ^.^ It's a wonderfully rewarding profession is it not?
  15. CorinaJade

    Have you ever had someone leave you for losing/gaining weight?

    Just curious if other people have experienced this before. My first long term partner which ended nearly 3 years ago now, had a HUGE problem with me losing weight. I've always steadily gained weight for as long as i can remember. I'm always going to be a big girl, and i'm proud of that, but back...
  16. CorinaJade

    Getting waxed "down there" *blush*

    I am so glad this thread exists! I've been wanting to get a full on Brazilian wax for a long time now but i've always been worried about my weight making it difficult, and the concept of letting some random person attack my vagina with hot wax scares the living day-lights out of me. My younger...
  17. CorinaJade

    Game of Thrones

    Does anyone else just REALLY want a dire wolf of their own at this point??? I know i do ^.^
  18. CorinaJade

    Weird Question - hopefully, I get awesome responses :3

    I personally think that aspergers has been popularised too much (*cough* Sherlock Holmes *cough*) and is now over-diagnosed (like ADD and ADHD). So many people who just have difficulties socialising are lumped into the aspergers spectrum. The disorder itself isolates the people who have it...
  19. CorinaJade

    What do you like to go out and do as a couple?

    My fiance and i are both not "big crowd" people. (I'm 23 and have small issues with anxiety so i don't like clubs or anything, and he's 27 and has gone past the whole clubbing age thing). We love going out for dinner and finding little side-street comedy acts in small intimiate bars in the city...
  20. CorinaJade

    Fun with Nails!

    wow, I LOVE those tuxedo nails, they're so adorable! Very nicely done ^.^ - Cori
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