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    More evidence obesity is not about what and how much you eat.
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    won't be around much. . .

    I just wanted to drop ya'll a line, I've had some major life changes, and won't be around much on this site. You are still welcome to email me, or send private messages. Major life changes - all good things - so no worries. Love ya all!
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    The Gulps

    The Gulps by Rosemary Wells and Marc Brown I have not read this book, but just the cover colors me all shades of offended. My wife just about exploded when she saw this. Well, actually, she thought it was a joke first, and then she exploded. Here's the Amazon link...
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    Rethinking Thin Rethinking Thin: The New Science of Weight Loss--and the Myths and Realities of Dieting by Gina Kolata I heard the author on public radio for an interview. From what I heard, this book could be very interesting. Of course, it...
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    Big Guy at The Mall - by Anonymous - (~BHM, Feeding, Immobility, ~XWG )

    ~BHM, Feeding, Immobility, ~XWG - Growing guy exceeds his haberdasher's limits [Note: Thanks to Squurp for this now retitled story - an interesting background of its history and similar original title will be found in Post #3 below] Big Guy at the The Mall by Anonymous [Originally...
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    Finally, I am a member of the forums

    After a good long time trying, I have become a member of the forums. For some reason the registration code never showed up for me! Anyway, I ama BHM, and working getting B'er, though the HM will probably stay relatively the same. I am married just so you know, and I won't post pics...