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  1. DJ_S

    The Assumption Game

    I assume the person above, would rather play Snap!
  2. DJ_S

    Attn: Facebookers!

    *dusting the cobwebs* How do you feel about Facebook now, after all these years? I wish the net or perhaps the world, was still in the age of MySpace..
  3. DJ_S

    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

  4. DJ_S

    Anybody else in college right now or starting this year?

    Just enrolled today, to do a diploma in Community Services. It's been many years since I've studied & decided to go outside my normal styles (art/design/photography/music), yet in an area that I feel, I'll be able to put my core values into play.
  5. DJ_S

    The Assumption Game

    Or a vampire, that bites.
  6. DJ_S

    Is it just me, or is social media itself the problem?

    High BMI is false.
  7. DJ_S

    My fellow video game nerds, whatcha been playing? Part 2

    Last few years I've been playing Warframe, although they keep nerfing frames/weapons that I've spent time building. Playing less these days. GTA5, since I have a rig now that can handle it (lol a bit late to the party) Always fall back to 90's arcade/mame & other emu stuff.
  8. DJ_S

    Where Are The Men That Love SSBBW's?

    Here's one!
  9. DJ_S

    2018 Singles party (Single Dimmers Meet and Greet)

    You have nothing to really worry about in Melbourne, I've lived here most of my life and have only a few times had to be aware of couple of White Tales & Red back spiders.
  10. DJ_S

    2018 Singles party (Single Dimmers Meet and Greet)

    Heya, I'm on the other side of the planet in Australia. Good to be back on the Dim Boards, I enjoy cooking, games of the pc/cell variety & arcades which are a rare sight these days. SciFi, art, graphic design & the dimensions of ss/bbw amongst other things lol Also not in any mad rush
  11. DJ_S

    adorable dreamfuel

    ooh fabulous, send something, no harm in trying. good luck!
  12. DJ_S

    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    thanks Tad :)
  13. DJ_S

    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

  14. DJ_S

    The Introduction Thread Part 2

    welcome back
  15. DJ_S

    The Introduction Thread Part 2

    Welcome aboard Stephanie, nothing wrong with lurking. I've recently come back after many years of hibernation. Enjoy the boards.
  16. DJ_S

    What is making you SAD right now...

    ..... .... .... .. . .. . . . . . . . ... . . . . .. . . . .. . . < ants
  17. DJ_S

    What Are You Happy About Today? Part 2

    I'm actually happy to be in Australia for a moment, as I have support & family.
  18. DJ_S

    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

  19. DJ_S

    Comfortable cars (Aus/NZ)

    Kia Soul's are roomy enough for super pears
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