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  1. Phantomcrossing

    I have no words, just anger directed at Return of Kings.

    So, long time lurker and rare poster here, making an exception because I found something that might already be making rounds in the community. So...this is a thing that happened/is happening. I don't get it. Why do...
  2. Phantomcrossing

    My fellow video game nerds, whatcha been playing? Part 2

    *drops from Lurk Mode* Okay, I'm not playing it yet but I'm going to be playing the D&D online MMO once they open up the free subscription. Also, when I get a system for it, Overlord II.
  3. Phantomcrossing

    D&D Cofounder Dies

    For everyone who has been inspired by his work, for every moment of imagination sparked by a simple book. Those who have 'em, roll 'em. Lets give thanks for the Dungeons filled with Dragons. For the Dragon once bound with staples, now poorly bound by corporate greed and the internet. For...
  4. Phantomcrossing

    Video game nerds! I need costume ideas! Help!

    I would venture Meryl from the Metal Gear Solid Series. She has only appeared in the first title of the "Solid" incarnation of the series, and is set to appear the the fourth installment "Guns of the Patriot" Let me see if I can find a pic. Easier to do than most of the above.
  5. Phantomcrossing

    any Dungeons & Dragons fans here?

    HA! I love those posters. Did you know the original thread crashed the boards?
  6. Phantomcrossing

    any Dungeons & Dragons fans here?

    check the challengerating on the sucker. I don't want this to devolve into a nerd fight, but a party even a few levels lower than its challenge rating should be capable of outrunning it through use of mount or full retreat actions. Heck, even lower applications of magic like haste evens the...
  7. Phantomcrossing

    any Dungeons & Dragons fans here?

    Yes its killable with persistance and creativity. Everything is. For starters, its undead. This means it has some defenses against normal combat (immunity to crits and sneak atk) and byond that its an intelligent undead... Really if you're fighting it and you're much weaker than it, your...
  8. Phantomcrossing

    any Dungeons & Dragons fans here?

    I have too many stories. Coupled with only 5 years of play for being that damn prone to crazy stories. Paladin of Hephestus and the War Crimes factory Caught between a Wyvern and a Flaming Wyvern and a few more of interests.
  9. Phantomcrossing


    There was just a second trailer released with Beowulf. Its more of the free cam shooting stuff, still no information one what the monster is besides that its big, soldiers were shooting up at it, it was winning, and that in the aftermath, NYC is the four hundredth something of USA disaster...
  10. Phantomcrossing

    Dumbledore is gay

    Well, if she's outed him after the series then I only have one thing to say. Eh, so what. It wasn't really a series where a character's sexuality was a prevalent matter. So he was gay. Dumbledore was still a bad mother - "Watch your mouth!" "I'm only talking bout Albus," "We can dig it"
  11. Phantomcrossing

    Very fat Women 6 again

    (Lowering Lurking field) and being an amoral unethical prick is sometimes worse than being an Illegal one as far as things look in this country sometimes... And hey, there are some of us out there who roll twenty sided dice with pride as we live our lives. Thirty sided dice are fun but...
  12. Phantomcrossing

    Dungeons and Dragons and the Quest for Mom's Basement

    I've done fantasy LARP with foam weapons. I've done Anime Convention LARPS which are just ridiculous.
  13. Phantomcrossing

    Dungeons and Dragons and the Quest for Mom's Basement

    Hmmm....any one consider the idea of a Forum RP on Dimensions?
  14. Phantomcrossing

    Geekiest thing about you...

    Great show! Better comic.
  15. Phantomcrossing

    Geekiest thing about you...

    I've played 2nd, 3rd, and 3.5 edition D&D and am looking forward to the pending release of fourth. I write fantasy and science fiction. I plays video games. I like Lol cats. I read many a Motivational Roleplaying Game Poster. I am an Anime Larper. I am an Anime Larp GM at...
  16. Phantomcrossing

    College dilemma

    College Bureaucracy suck where ever you go. Red tape, talk to this person, talk to that person, nothing ever gets done, and in the process they walk over federal and state laws just to try and get money from you when their campus security has no right to assign moving violations, or if they...
  17. Phantomcrossing

    Favorite Superheroes

    YES! How could I forget Watchmen. Damn the Comedian is a bastard. And isn't that technically not Xorn, but Magneto posing as Xorn to gain entry to the Xavier Institute before getting hopped up on a mutant enhancing drug and running a rampage through downtown new york...and also Jean dies again.
  18. Phantomcrossing

    Favorite Superheroes

    I'm currently liking Invincible, Spiderman, RetroGirl from Powers, Batman, and Kyle Rayner Green Lantern.
  19. Phantomcrossing

    Dungeons and Dragons and the Quest for Mom's Basement

    Sigh, I keep getting involved with large party campaigns. At the going rate I'm never going to have the chance to play in a gestalt campaign...that in mind though I wouldn't mind rocking out with a few masterful combos.
  20. Phantomcrossing

    Dungeons and Dragons and the Quest for Mom's Basement

    A scant four years ago, my Freshman year of College I finally got into Pen & Paper gaming. Since then things have exploded. 1. Have you played the pen and paper (P&P) version of the game? Which edition(s)? Any comparable RPGs (GRUPS, CoC, GammaWorld, etc.)? I have played 3.0 D&D then...
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