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  1. K

    SSBBWs on scooters

    To reply on this question from the inside: As a German FA, happily married to a BBW, but not supersize, I always find, that it depends a lot on the region, what is happening. In the South of Bavaria people might joke openly about your figure, because people there tend to make jokes about...
  2. K

    Your First Internet BBW

    I remember especially kelligrrl, carolyn owens, betsy and heather more than ten years ago. But I want to remember especially molligmaus, who was the only german feedee to pass publicly the dream weight of 200 kg (~440 lbs)
  3. K

    Need info for a story...

    It is very difficult to reply to your questions, because everyone is different and what is correct for one person is incorrect for the next. So if anyone tries to give some figures, one half of the readers will declare, that the values are to low and the other one will call them to high...
  4. K

    Your skinniest and fattest pics

    I figured I'd update this. I'm around 350 now. These aren't the best pictures but they give you an idea! The first was from my birthday in March, I was probably like.. 330 then or something. The second was from a few days ago.. some friends and I went to the beach at like 1 in the morning. It...
  5. K

    Have you been here long?

    Back then, I had a good deal of posts, but before the software changed, I got a job with more work, married my wife........ My time for internet is quite limited today. And following the discussions for a decade, you will find out, that many threads tend to repeat contents, that have already...
  6. K

    Have you been here long?

    I found dimensions in 1999 and have been lurking on the weight board ever since. I think my last post has been five or six years ago.....