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    how does one get into chat these days?

    hello dear, how the devil are you?! do you mean just for chat, or the whole deal? i tried the chat registration and it didn't work.
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    how does one get into chat these days?

    Hello peeps, been a while. So, how does one get the pesky chat to work these days? Tried to get in with my name and password, but no joy. Tried to register but got some error message. So what's the deal?
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    Um, Hyde Park?

    .........what was the problem? i read something about bullies. so what, it's the fucking internet. get over it and read something else. us bullies liked hp. i enjoyed everyone shouting at each other, all at once. sincerely (*snort) A. Bully ps: bring it back, or i'll send the...
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    is there a BBW/BHM closet

    .........for another brilliant, thought-provoking thread!
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    is there a BBW/BHM closet saddens me always to see girls (including my gf) clearly worried about anything that shows somthing about their body they feel is not "perfect" or doens't follow the "ideal". i can't pretend to know the specifics of that repression or angst, but i can imagine how grinding it must...
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    OK, You Asked For It!

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    My wieght gain

    ok, not funny really, but did make me titter nonetheless!
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    Should I tell my girlfriend?

    neither did reagan.
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    Bisexuality. Your Thoughts?

    ........i'm pi-curious.......i often sit and wonder about really understanding maths.
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    Feeling "Out Of Place" At Dimensions

    .....that is a SHOCKING thing to say! how very dare you!
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    Can I Please Say Something to Men Everywhere

    ........but why is there no family guy thread? not here obviously, and sorry for distracting from the clit-Oh, yes, god, yes, there-ris discussion.
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    A detriment or a benefit to fat acceptance?

    ......but the thing is, you can't apply the rules that worked in a small village when it has grown into a major city......things change with more people. and the images? in my view degrading and demeaning to women in general, let alone fat women, or whether in the context of dims, or...
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    .......i've always thought that too, and i'm not a bbw. and neatly on to the fact that i really, really hate FA......for many reasons, amongst which is that it stands for FUCK ALL.
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    appalling discrimination again...... ......and as someone who does a lot of international travel, the chance to see an attractive curvy flight attendent is almost the last pleasure available in this increasingly hideous mode of transport.
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    Veggie blues your veggies like a good girl, and also clear your frigging inbox!!!!!
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    Amanda Palmer's leaping from one label to another, for fat related reasons.

    .......such a heartening story. ok it may not be people on the whole of the size seen here, but my view is that it's the sentiment behind it that counts - further confirmation that ordinary people (i mean with no axe to grind in this community) everywhere are as sick of media and fashion...
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    Is FA real?

    .....if you got smell it all, you'd have lost your sense of smell by now :bow:
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    BBW's and The Body Beautiful

    ......but those guys and girls are just revolting to look at. there ya go! preferences!
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    the ONE thing annoying you the most right now??

    ......but it's because men generally have a load of old shite - as amply illustrated by your examples. me, on the other hand.....i have a collection of 50s-70s vases that go very nicely in our house and so i get to be "integrated" ha! I also participate fully in all discussions/decisions...
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    BBW's and The Body Beautiful

    ....FOR FUCK'S SAKE, THERE IS NO APOSTROPHE IN BBWs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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