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  1. Seraphina

    I just had my first swimming lesson -and a good laugh!

    That's great, Banana! I love swimming it's my all time favourite exercise and destress. Once you get good there is nothing like jumping in (ok maybe not jumping in as I might empty the pool) and doing a few laps to clear your head. I honestly don't think anyone cares how big anyone is in a...
  2. Seraphina

    skin sores

    Thanks Banana, I went out and got some this morning so hopefully that will help. Hubby wants to pack me off to the doctors with it because he thinks it looks horrible and also he reckons it's a sign of diabetes... but to be perfectly honest I am too embarrassed to go :blush:
  3. Seraphina

    skin sores

    Hi guys I hope that you might be able to help me out on this one... just recently I've gained quite a bit of weight - enough for some new stretch marks which are meh but ok. The big problem I have is kind of a bit ewww. Between my butt cheeks is really, really sore, like the skin has been...
  4. Seraphina

    tumbled out of the closet

    Hell it has been forever since I was last here... I didn't forget I just got a bit caught up in life y'know? So those little gains ended up being a big one of 40lbs in the last year... definitely feeling like a fatty now and enjoying every second!
  5. Seraphina


    Feels like I haven't been around in a while, I guess the truth is I haven't. My shoulder hasn't been very good at all, physio has been worse than useless and the doctors just keep upping my neurontin dose, so I'm constantly sleepy. I think on top I'm depressed, lots of family issues (both my...
  6. Seraphina

    Guardian: "...it's possible to be overweight and active"

    Well that's good news for us fatties :)
  7. Seraphina

    Easiest job to gain weight

    Office work... sit on your arse all day and for some reason there is an over abundance of cakes, chocolate and the like!
  8. Seraphina

    The daily exercise report thread!!

    Been a bit lax. Friday: No physio, No cardio, 10 minute walk with the dog Saturday: No physio, No cardio Sunday: No physio, No cardio, 40 minute walk with the dog# The only excuse I have is that my shoulder has been hell and Friday I had doctor's appointments and Saturday I was out most...
  9. Seraphina

    What did you buy today?

    I cheered myself up with a pair of shoes :p
  10. Seraphina

    Female feeders with eating disorders?

    This kind of makes sense to me because I was Bulimic for years. I had this weird obsession with food, like I loved food and I loved other people eating - like eating vicariously. So it was great to be around people who ate becaue I could eat by proxy by watching them enjoy it. My therapist told...
  11. Seraphina

    The daily exercise report thread!!

    Not a great day today. Physio - none too much pain Cardio - 1 hour belly dancing - no walking hubby took the dog because I was in too much pain.
  12. Seraphina


    It does seem to be making some difference but I'm not sure if that is just because I am sleeping a bit better. Though I do have movement that was paralysed before, because the nerves were firing so randomly no signals were getting through. I have put on a couple of lbs but that is probably...
  13. Seraphina

    Clothing/Fashion Confession

    I just threw out pretty much my whole wardrobe because my hubby said it's all the wrong size or makes me look like I've been tied up in a sack... al this time and he never told me I dress like a bag lady :blush: :doh: Upside to this is he's taking shopping on the weekend and on his credit...
  14. Seraphina

    The daily exercise report thread!!

    Can I gatecrash too? it's important I do my physio and cardio everyday and I've been really, really lax lately. Physio - 20 mins stretches - no weights too painful Cardio - 1hr 10 (in sets) cardio belly dancing :) and 30 minutes walking the dog.
  15. Seraphina

    tumbled out of the closet

    Well things are still good, I meant to write sooner but I've been on new tablets and they've made me a bit woozy, and so not really the most eloquent! I've gained another 2lbs this week, must be all that chocolate I keep being brought! Not to mention desserts. I seem to be gaining really...
  16. Seraphina


    I don't agree that everyone has a "type". Everyone I have dated, male and female, have been very different body shape and looks-wise. I appreciate certain features but they aren't a deal-breaker if they aren't there. I think it's a bit shallow to assume that people are attracted to one thing and...
  17. Seraphina


    Have you tried Kedgeree? It's a British Colonial dish which you can make with either smoked haddock or smoked mackerel (i use smoked and peppered mackerel). It's really easy to make and tasty too. Pre-cook the fish. You won't need to if you use smoked mackerel but if you use haddock then...
  18. Seraphina

    What cuisine would you have...

    We don't get much decent Mexican in the UK so I can't really add that to my list. I'll have to put it on the slate of things to learn how to cook. Caribbean food is something else I would love to try.
  19. Seraphina

    How do you eat a Cadbury Egg?

    I can't eat the creme eggs they make my teeth hurt! Gimme a Galaxy egg any day... yummy!
  20. Seraphina


    I'm kinda late in this thread, usual feature of mine! I've struggled with bulimia, and had a short spell of anorexia, for most of my life, I've only been in recovery for the last 2 years. The bulimia didn't make me skinny but I can relate to that total fear of "fat". I think, perhaps, you...