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  1. MrFarx

    Guys in Formal Wear.

    Here's one of me when I was best man at my friend's wedding, lots of fun that day.
  2. MrFarx


    Hope everyone had a good Halloween, I had fun during the day and a boring night. My boss said she was going to dress up for the day at the office so I told her that I might also be in costume. Many years ago I scored an unopened Domino's pizza outfit and until a couple of years ago I left it...
  3. MrFarx

    A crummy scribble...

    Hey there Dana, tis me, in the flesh... errr.... virtually. ;) Yep, finally got around to posting here on the newer version of the Dim forums. So who else from our little niche of the fandom is here ? Fx
  4. MrFarx


    *pops in from Providence to turn this into a New England thread* :D Hey everybody ! (Hi Dr. Nick !) Glad to see some local folks posting around here and also a fellow 'newbie' to actually posting on the board here. I too have been around the Dim forums since about 2000 and when they changed...
  5. MrFarx

    Fat rocking every where

    It's funny, but my friends and I call cans of Budweiser kings (16 ounce) "wifebeaters" , maybe another unknowing nod to the stereotypical portrayal of lower class again ?
  6. MrFarx

    FFA Roll Call?

    This is rather refreshing to read, being a BHM and an FA myself I sometimes forget that someone somewhere would find a guy of my stature attractive, just as I prefer women of size.
  7. MrFarx

    A crummy scribble...

    Heya Qit, great to see you still active in both the communities. Looks like you've been practicing your art, it looks rather great these days. Did you ever open an account on FA (Fur Affinnity) ? I've been posting my art over there for a while now since I departed dA because of my disagreeing...
  8. MrFarx

    MTV Casting Call - I'm Happy to be Fat

    I would be extremely wary of any exposition on BHM / BBW by the media, they tend to twist the context of things to suit the ideals of our culture. (the advertisers?) So be careful what you wish for. ;) Also Lisa, I would have to disagree about it " being o.k. for men to be fat ". I have been...