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  1. Free Previews!

    Free Previews!

    Some photo stills from my videos you can find at www.c3s.com/70484 & www.c4s.com/76543
  2. sarahreign

    Want to feel old?

    Stop It You Are Evil!!!
  3. sarahreign

    Are you high maintenance?

    I don't think that you are high maintenance. That term to me means that you have your man buy you everything and are more of a "gimmie Gimmie" type of girl and in order to be in a relationship with you, you require $$$$. That's what it means to me. I think every girl likes to look nice and it...
  4. sarahreign

    BBW Confessions thread

    I have pretty much given up finding "The One" mainly because it seems that every guy or girl I talk to, it starts out so nice and sweet. Then out of nowhere they tend to vanish. This happens both online OR in person. I have to agree that all the ones I really can develop feelings for live across...
  5. sarahreign

    FA Guilt

    I don't understand why there should be any guilt felt when it ALWAYS takes 2 to tango..especially in the feedism fetish. If the female/male didn't want to get fat, they wouldn't. And if they want to lose weight, they have every right to. Why should an FA feel guilty for liking bigger women? I...
  6. sarahreign

    Do Ssbbw's ever go for a bigger guy? As in musculature?

    Oh well, guess I shoulda read comments... DERP!
  7. sarahreign

    Do Ssbbw's ever go for a bigger guy? As in musculature?

    No offense but that photo looks SO photo shopped, and tried to hide it by using black and white filter... if it IS you, I'm sorry. But I like average to muscular guys. I enjoy being the fat one in the relationship, it's just my quirk!
  8. sarahreign

    Rep Your Pets!

    Dat face! Sooooo cute!
  9. sarahreign

    Rep Your Pets!

    Very pretty furbabies! I <3 Akitas!!!
  10. sarahreign

    Rep Your Pets!

    Nothing hotter than a hot guy, who saves animals! :smitten:
  11. sarahreign

    Rep Your Pets!

    THAT is a very cool pic!!
  12. sarahreign

    Rep Your Pets!

    Pretty: AmStaff...... Female..... 9yrs Jackum: Pit/Greyhound...... Male...... 5yrs (Just rescued in Sept from PTS, working on rehabilitating his issues. Looking for a home for him ) Sasha: Siamese Mix...... Female....... 5yrs Mink: Maine Coon Mix......Male......6mos (VERY big for his...
  13. sarahreign

    Feedism - Personally into overeating, being fat or getting fatter? Count yourself in!

    Of course I'm a feedee. Do people like my friends and family know? Not really. They know I like being fat because I tell them, I just don't tell them I gain on purpose. I feel that really isn't their business. I am NOT shy about being fat and having fun with it in public, or if people comment...
  14. sarahreign

    When/how did you notice, "Wow, I got fat?!"

    When I recently found the pair of jeans from this past summer that used to fit, and now I can't even button/zip them! I have outgrown about EVERYTHING I own now so, I am just cramming into things until I can get new stuff!
  15. sarahreign

    Share your Amazon Wishlist - 2013 Edition!

    I am always too late.......LOL! I know I have TONS of stuff on my list but it just expressed my wide array of interests. There is lots of food related things on there as well. Thank you ahead of time, even if you just take a peek! <3 http://amzn.com/w/12L3D5LCKFMQA
  16. sarahreign

    Fat Public Humiliation = Sexual Attraction

    Personally I like humiliation aspect (with my significant other and etc) which is private and even some light play in public. Now as far as humiliating and degrading fat people on TV I think has nothing to do with anything sexual. I has more to do with breeding hatred and making it look like...
  17. sarahreign

    Post pics of yourself....LIVING

  18. sarahreign

    Post pics of yourself....LIVING

    Thank you sir ! :) ;)
  19. sarahreign

    Rebel Wilson and Melissa McCarthy Make a Pact Not to Lose Weight

    I don't think it will last long...look how many other fat celebs have repped their curves and then went back on their words....nearly EVERY one of them! It's only a matter of time. I know I wouldn't lose weight if I ever make it big (pun intended)
  20. sarahreign

    plus sized Barbie, 35,000 likes so far

    I like the plus sized Barbie but what they did to her face is a joke. It seems LIKE a joke to make her face look like Jabba the Hutt chins....like all fat girls have 3 chins... Everything else looks perfect, except that face. I can see maybe one cute lil cubby chin or something, but they went...