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  1. PolarKat

    What are you unhappy about today?

    I know there's not much that can really be said in a time like this, but I send you and your family my heartfelt condolences.
  2. PolarKat

    Government urged to tax fat people

    Talking the same thing.. It boils down to consuming public money and targeting a demographic that takes more than others.. they limited the scope to a time frame, that purposely shines a negative light on the obese.. I changed the time frame to look at all people equally, since they will all...
  3. PolarKat

    Government urged to tax fat people

    Yup it does.. example a Canadian citizen.. who never ever worked a day in their life starting at 67 years old (probably will return to 65).. earns about $1200/month in OAS and GIC Fat folk die 14 years earlier...
  4. PolarKat

    How cold is it?

    :) -17F(-27C) this morning here (North of Montreal) was quite a bit colder last night.. Cold isn't the worst part.. its snowed last night as well, and this stuff is just powder.. so trying to shovel it, is not fun.. just blows snow dust everywhere.. Cars get a bit tough to start in this...
  5. PolarKat

    Government urged to tax fat people

    Strange that there's no calls for a tax on people who are "statistically" supposed to live longer and get to suck extra years worth of pensions, social aid, medical expense etc..
  6. PolarKat

    Hopes for 2016?

    - Try to post here more than once a year :) - Been out of work for a while, EI just kicked in.. Just this time I've been more picky and even started thinking about starting my own business.. - Winning the lotto?!
  7. PolarKat

    Vehicles for the plus size!

    Since I happened to recently drive these, I'll add the Dodge Magnum, and Challenger.. seriously roomy cars for the driver.. My daily drive is a Jeep TJ, but I had to build brackets to move the driver seat back a few inches..
  8. PolarKat

    FFA's with eating disorders?

    "don't tend to precipitate.." = will not continue to be triggered = effect does not go past.. usually something that occurs abrubtly and with a spread/diminishing effect like rain.. Was there any progress in the study/findings?
  9. PolarKat

    FFA's with eating disorders?

    ::GEEK MODE ENABLED:: "don't tend to precipitate.." = will not continue to be triggered...
  10. PolarKat

    Ladies Post Cute Pics of Yourself (Round 2)

    I really need to log in more often.. Love the contacts!!!
  11. PolarKat

    Post Your Sexiest Pics Nekkid (2)

    last week I was helping my Nephew with his chem. home work (Atomic models), and the internet conenction was down, so I told him to grab the "A" volume of the enclyclopedia from the bookshelf.. I just got the blankest stare I've even seen
  12. PolarKat

    Thoughts on Society and Being a BHM

    I've always been fat to some extent since infancy, so I've never really looked at it as having a preference for for being this way.. I simply just "am". I'm still not 100% comfortable in my own skin, still have those bad moments where realizing that buying a new car.. clothes etc.. becomes a...
  13. PolarKat

    I guess we're all allowed one whiny self indulgent post

    Silly Rabbit.. While I pretty much just lurk, and we don't interact much here, let me just say it bluntly. The only thing "wrong" with you is simply not knowing when to tell someone to "feck off", and hanging onto hope, or what really isn't there way too long. All those characteristics...
  14. PolarKat

    Any Nietzsche fans out there?

    Can't quite remember how it goes "To be immortal isn't difficult to achieve, all you have to do is remember not to die" That got stuck in my head for ages after reading it.
  15. PolarKat

    I need to scream..

    Again, thank you all for the kind words. I agree 100% My Dog's buddy was my cat, he died years ago. he also broke that stereotype of what most people think about cats. When I used to walk the dog, he would walk right along with us. He knew what time I used to get home at from school/work and...
  16. PolarKat

    I need to scream..

    Once again, thank you all for the kind words! I think that's been the hardest part for me when it comes to pets in general, it was also the main reason I stopped having any pets. I literaly went from a small zoo to nothing. I think what hit hard was that same night you couldn't tell at all...
  17. PolarKat

    Travel Time

    Best piece of advice if you're going by car, take all the small routes, and make sure to stop at all the really weird no-name attractions :) During our last break a buddy an me pooled all our cash together, hopped in the car and just drove randomly though canada and the states, slept in tents...
  18. PolarKat

    I need to scream..

    I want thank all of you who sent over some kind words, it's very apreciated! Just being able to let it out, even just posting randomly on a board, helps alot. That absolutely sucks, but I can relate, my parents were quite callus when it came to pets when we were kids. I've picked up an...
  19. PolarKat

    I need to scream..

    I know this has no relevance to this place, but I needed to vent off to the universe a bit.. It was just over 14 years ago, I decided to move back home with my parents in order to finish school. One day my mom came home and said she decided to buy a dog to keep her company during the day when...
  20. PolarKat

    Girls That Like Big Guys Post Pics And Any Comments Here

    Ugh.. this again.. could some FFA's of any size plz post some pics to remove that bitter taste of 2.5 pages of nonsense text I just had to read through.. oh.. almost forgot.. [JEDI MIND TRICK] You will show skin [/JEDI MIND TRICK]