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  1. Cosmic FA

    BHM What's in a Name? [SSBHM, MAGIC]

    Love this!
  2. Cosmic FA

    BOTH A Little Encouragement Can Go a Long Way

    It's an insert story...? You're really missing out if you didn't read it... Maybe try reading it and inserting your pronouns and a crush's pronouns? Cuz that's kinda what you're supposed to do...
  3. Cosmic FA

    Opt in for Fetish/Erotica Stories!

    I would like to be opted in please
  4. Cosmic FA

    BHM Maybe It’s You (FFA/BHM, WG, Drama, Romance)

    Will there be more after this? Please don't let it end with her crying. She's so much like me it's insane... I really don't want the story to leave off like this...