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    OMG! Sandie, you have no idea how ridiculously happy you have made me! :p Thank you so much!
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    Using Store Brands

    I comparison shop, but it doesn't do me much good since I'm sort of food-snobby. If I'm going to eat it, I want it to be good. I find that I spend more on food than a lot of folks, but that's because I tend to buy fresh and I hate prepackaged things like mac n cheese, or meal mixes of any kind...
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    That was the only pair I was able to find in my search. I saw socks made IN Turkey, a turkey jello mold, lots of toe socks.... I probably even saw socks FOR turkeys, but no turkey socks. :doh:
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    I have a sock quandry. If any of you ladies can help *hint hint Sammie* I would appreciate it. Every year I look for socks with turkeys on them for Thanksgiving. Not leaves. Not pilgrims... TURKEYS. To date, I have exactly zero turkey socks. I've googled and come up with a blank. Any...
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    What are you reading ?

    "Dress Your Family in Couduroy and Denim" ~ David Sedaris
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    Clothing/Fashion Confession

    I C that I think I'm on the verge of going jean crazy at LB. I love the new "right fit" jeans SO MUCH. No jean wedgies, no droopy butts, no discomfort at all... and none of my jeans from last winter fit right anyway. Boo for gaining weight when you don't want to. I want JEANS! Lots and lots...
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    Fall/Winter Must Haves

    Suzie, I think the issue with those dresses not fitting quite properly is that they might be a "junior plus" which is a tad smaller than a regular plus. It might be something to look at when ordering.
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    What Are You EATING right now?

    I love to make those for parties. They are absolutely delish! Right now I'm eating scrambled eggs. Yay for Sunday morning. :p
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    What's the WORST food you've had?

    I hate HH pizza too. I used to work at a video store and the only food nearby was HH. The smell permeated the entire shopping strip. It was gross, and yet, I often had the food just because of the convenience factor. I'm not eating it ever again.
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    gourmet sandwiches

    The trick to avacados is to get them a day or two before you actually want to use them. Let them sit on the counter and get happy for a few days, then they'll be nice and soft and ready to use. Don't squeeze the bejeebers out of it in the store. That'll just bruise it. You just want a little...
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    Has This Ever Happened To You?

    Thank you for the kind feedback, folks. I'd never shared that story with anyone else before. I'm working on the assumption that bringing the past hurts out into the light will take away the sting.
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    The thread for random single confessions Part Bajillondy Pounds

    IC that I feel guilty for fibbing. Bubba didn't really pee on Quasi/OC's Christmas present. :doh:
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    The thread for random single confessions Part Bajillondy Pounds

    No, he peed on your Christmas present though. :p:kiss2: :wubu:
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    What Are You EATING right now?

    Got a fave yet? I love the choccy biscuit and the hazelnut one... and any of the dark chocolates. YummmmMmmmMMM!
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    Has This Ever Happened To You?

    Feeling a little like I "over shared"...
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    Has This Ever Happened To You?

    This reminds me of a painful incident from when I was maybe ten or eleven years old. It's funny how some things just stick with you and how sometimes the scars are there even though decades have passed. I was going out with my grandfather, whom I adored, to purchase pears which, like the...
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    Things you let your pet(s) get away with?

    Let's see... Bubba sleeps on the couch, has more toys than I have shoes, eats the "good" dog food, has his own big floor pillow, (but mostly sneaks up on the bed with me), and has recently commandeered my sleeping bag for his "downstairs bed". Bub's also been known to push me away from the...
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    What's on the dinner table tonight?

    I made homemade meatballs a'la Barefoot Contessa by way of Esme. I mixed ground beef, onion, chopped parsley, fresh breadcrumbs, grated parmesan, and some other goodies. Then I browned them and smothered them in tomato sauce. Delish!:eat2:
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    Someone has drowned in tanning lotion

    If those guys were toast, I'd be scraping them with my butter knife, but, to each his or her own. *shrug*
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    The thread for random single confessions Part Bajillondy Pounds

    IC that, even though everyone will think I'm a dork for telling this, I took my Bubba Dog to the Blessing of the Pets yesterday at church. It was seriously a really cool thing and he loved it! So did I. :blush: