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  1. Mack27

    Venus of Dolní Věstonice

    These "Venus" statues prove that there were fat people in the paleolithic era, but they tell us it's hard to get fat on a paleolithic diet. It makes me wonder if tribes or villages maybe had designated people that got fattened up with dried fruits and nuts (during lean months at least) as sort...
  2. Mack27

    Gina Carano wasn't fired for tweets, she was fired for gaining weight

    Hollywood has been doing this forever, firing actresses for gaining weight and then blaming it on something else. Change my mind.
  3. Mack27

    What happened here?

    I hardly ever pop in anymore, I first started coming here in 1997. I remember all the heated anti-feeder debates that used to happen on the HTML weight board. I remember chilling with people in the chat room. At some point it seemed to me that everything was starting to get politicized. Hyde...
  4. Mack27

    what happened to all the naafa and bbw events?

    Man I remember the days when there were 3 separate groups having BBW dances in New England. There were some Summer months when you could hit 4 different events. There's not much now, Club Ample has events trickling out every few months now, the same with Curves. The Big Beautiful Jersey Bash...
  5. Mack27

    Is it just me, or is social media itself the problem?

    Statistics don't guarantee individual outcomes. My grandmother was of SSBBW size for nearly my whole life, she lived until her late 80's. To an outside observer just looking at visuals she shrank continuously the last decade of her life until she died at an average size. Her mother was very...
  6. Mack27

    Is it just me, or is social media itself the problem?

    Man I can think back to 1997 or thereabouts and finding this place and thinking "Wow! I'm not alone!" Even back then there were endless arguments about these sorts of things but there was more cohesiveness. The "community" or whatever you want to call it is certainly fragmented and you see it...
  7. Mack27

    New from Boston

    The Batgirl Cycle from season 3 of the 1960s Batman TV series is a very sought after Hollywood collectible and nobody knows what happened to it.
  8. Mack27

    SummerG has passed away.

    She seemed to be a very pleasant and fun person. I'm very sorry to hear about this.
  9. Mack27

    Another Obama Administration failure

    When I hear "global influence and credibility" I can't help but think that really means the leftist elitist intelligentsia, politicians and media of the western world who are themselves losing global influence and credibility bit by bit day by day. The vast majority of the 7.4 billion...
  10. Mack27

    Transgender in Trump's America, Part II

    Nothing here convinces me that transgender citizens (or any other citizens) would be any better off if any of the other candidates won. Also I'd say Clinton has more in common with the mainstream GOP than Trump does.
  11. Mack27

    Memorable Political Quotes

    Political tags - such as royalist, communist, democrat, populist, fascist, liberal, conservative, and so forth - are never basic criteria. The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire. -Robert A. Heinlen
  12. Mack27

    Political Images thread

    Man I miss BDM.
  13. Mack27

    We're Officially F*#ked

    That was depriving someone of a constitutional right without due process. I can see the argument for the policy but according to the gun control act of 1968 in order to disqualify someone for gun ownership for mental illness they have to be involuntarily committed to a mental institution or...
  14. Mack27

    Marine Le Pen and the Political Climate of France

    I think I was going for a double meaning and it fell flat. I should have said, "First world western countries were the only ones who could afford that experiment but I think now the belief may be growing that the cultural price is too high."
  15. Mack27

    Marine Le Pen and the Political Climate of France

    I used to have a 35 hour work week at one employer, my wife still has a 35 hour work week, 32 hours isn't that far off from that. With worker productivity higher than it's ever been a 32 hour work week might not be a bad idea. However that's not what I was talking about. LePen's supporters...
  16. Mack27

    Marine Le Pen and the Political Climate of France

    Western first world countries were the only ones who could afford to try that experiment, I think the belief is growing that they can't afford to anymore.
  17. Mack27


    I don't know how exactly it's a bad deal, I was just taking the president's word for it. I don't know what the US is getting out of it. If there are 2 sides to a deal and one side gets nothing then that's a bad deal for the side getting nothing. And where did you read that the South...