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  1. J

    Favourite thing to do with a partners belly

    I also like to have a big belly hanging on my face. Rarely happened but it was a great pleasure. I would love a really big belly overhang to play with. I've yet to experience the pleasure of a fully fledged ssbbw belly.
  2. J

    Favourite thing to do with a partners belly

    I was wondering, what is your favourite thing to do with a fat partners belly? I think mines is to sort of scoop up the belly underneath the overhang. Just feels like the juiciest bit haha.
  3. J


    Not being someone that often buys videos, I was looking for some advice. I would like to watch a video where a model talks about gaining to immobility. Yes I know it's controversial and all that but it is my fantasy. If you share the same fantasy could you perhaps recommend your favourite?
  4. J

    How fat do you like 'em?

    I have definitely gravitated towards the extreme. In my head a woman can't get too fat. Like 800 or 900 pounds is where I would say. In reality I think it's all about the woman. I find myself very attracted to curvy woman, fat women and gigantically overweight women. Not so much skinny women...
  5. J

    What first got you into bigger women?

    I remember being on a school trip when I was about 11. On the bus home there was this girl sitting across from me who was in the year above. She was really pretty but she had a belly top on and she had got quite fat and I was just in awe of her belly. Then I sort of didnt think of myself as...
  6. J

    Telling people about loving fatness

    ye definitly, it took me ages to tell her and i was thinking about it for ages. In my head i thought she would be so shocked and run a mile like you said but she wasnt really that surprised. I think it was good to just let someone know.
  7. J

    Telling people about loving fatness

    Well I think at first the reason I brought it up was because I thought she might somehow be into gaining. I didn't just come out with it straight away but now I know she's not into gaining and doesn't want to gain but i still like to tell her how much I enjoy thinking about her becoming massive...
  8. J

    Telling people about loving fatness

    I just thought I would post a little something. Most people I know have always known I love big girls. I made no secret of it but it was only recently that I told one girl how much I love girls gaining and extreme obesity. I was really nervous but once I knew she understood I felt so good. It...
  9. J

    ssbbw reality

    Yes thanks for all the replies. I had thought that asking her to gain would be a little like asking her to lose weight which is why it really occurred to me to see what people thought. It almost seems selfish to ask someone to gain if the idea has not already occurred to them. I do try to let...
  10. J

    ssbbw reality

    I hope that you may be able to answer a few questions that I have. First of all, I have a girlfriend that is fat. I know that she is comfortable with her weight but I want her to know that I love how fat she is. She would not take kindly to me saying that I love how huge her belly is but I was...