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    BBW Backs against the Wall (~BBW ~SEX)

    yes please!
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    BBW Backs against the Wall (~BBW ~SEX)

    This is amazing. Petzold has to be an influence for you? This mimics Phoenix in ways too uncanny to ignore
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    BBW The Uncontainable - by Marlow

    This has been such a good mystery, please continue!
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    BBW The Story of Geoff Franks, Senior Accountant and Sin of Gluttony

    I hope it’s what you were going for, but this is a great take on Neil gaiman’s attempts at modernizing old gods. It reads like a great supernatural thriller, like it could’ve been part of a book that focused on the lives of all the 7 sins and their relationship to entities like time. It’s just a...
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    The Harvest -A small town mystery (BBW WG)

    The Lottery? Shirley Jackson? Is that what its riffing on? I've been guessing for a while now
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