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  1. Sweetnlow

    What is your weight right now?

    I have gained weight i m now at 400 lbs
  2. Sweetnlow

    BBW Confessions thread

    i weigh 100 pounds more than my father
  3. Sweetnlow

    What is your weight right now?

    I've gained a lot of weight since i registred on this site. I now weigh 372 pounds and I am 5"8 tall. I want to lose a little so I can walk longer distances and tie my shoelaces! I don't have a problem with the way I look I just want to become more mobile.
  4. Sweetnlow

    What are you happy about today?

    I am happy today because I will get a hair cut soon and I could pay all my bills this month. And I will go to i smashing party on New Years eve.
  5. Sweetnlow

    My problem

    In the last couple of years I've gained a lot of weight. Mostly due to medication. I am bipolar and I take lithium regurlarly. Right now I weigh 360 pounds and i have never been this big. I have really experienced how my friends and family are being condsending about me being so fat. They tell...
  6. Sweetnlow


    Yes I live in Stockholm.
  7. Sweetnlow


    For feed back and interesting ideas on this subject. Yakatori, that article about the performance was great. I feel better know, I will still go out putting myself out their in this cruel world. Next time someone is filming or taking pictures I will have my camera ready to give them their taste...
  8. Sweetnlow


    I was sitting on a bench Close to subway station in Stockholm, Sweden. A woman approached me and told me that someone (a guy) had been taking a Picture of my butt. I felt really ridiculed and offended. I tried to laugh it off but it was appaling it ruined the rest of the day. Has this ever...
  9. Sweetnlow

    I need advice on confidence. Where do you ladies get yours from?

    Don't read fashion magazines which sets a norm that skinny is what beauty is. I am not currently in a relationship but i have sex life and i get positive comments about my my body. I think something happened with me when i turned 30. I stopped caring so much about other peoples opinions. I...
  10. Sweetnlow

    So you’re feeling too fat to be photographed . . .

    I been taken self portraits since the age of 17. I am now 32 and I weigh about 150 pounds more. I see a fat woman now but she is much happier than the 17 year old girl. A friend of mine wanted to gather her friends including me for a photoshoot and i said no beacuse i would be the fattest in...
  11. Sweetnlow

    What is your weight right now?

    I weigh 320 pounds and I am 5"8 tall. Here in Sweden where I live it is not okay to be fat and i hear remarks about my body all the time. But i don't care that much. I'm trying to lose weight for health reasons and I walk 3 hours a day. It is difficult to reduce the food intake though.
  12. Sweetnlow

    When/how did you notice, "Wow, I got fat?!"

    I realized I was fat when my best friend confessed that she didn't recognized me cause I'd grown so big. It really hurted me. I don't care if people stare when I walk down the street. But if she my best friend can't accept me who am I then? My current weight is 319 pounds and I'm 5"8 tall. My...
  13. Sweetnlow

    I Am Struggling With Depression

    My mother committed suicide when i was thirteen. That pain and all that suffering that came out of that will be a part of me forever, well dormant but it will still be there. My mother's great mistake was to not seek professional help. So I tell you, see i shrink, it's worth the money. If your...
  14. Sweetnlow

    The daily exercise report thread!!

    I was supposed to attend spinning class but after 10 minutes I gave up cause i didn't feel like cyckling. I walked for an hour outside instead. Tomorrow I'm going to a class at the gym called "shape" where you lift heavy.
  15. Sweetnlow

    Show Your Skill/Talent/Hobby Off! - BBW Only Please

    [http://i865.photobucket.com/albums/ab220/lingerson/epg3.jpg These girls play in a band called the Ectoplasma girls. I took pictures for their promotion. What do you think?
  16. Sweetnlow

    Fish Out of Water

    I do exactly the same thing. I google my date's friends and exes. I think it's mainly out of curiosity. But you shouldn't do that. What if you might find something you can't accept. They're part of dangerous cult or something. Lol. I get kid of pissed of when I think of that we women need the...
  17. Sweetnlow

    BBW Confessions thread

    Oh that was great! I will try that myself when i look myself in the mirror. I don't understand why we are so disrespectful about ourselves. Would you tell another person that she's fat and old? No!
  18. Sweetnlow

    The numbers and shame game

    I weigh 319 pounds which is 145 kg. I am about 5´8 tall or 173 cm. I've gained about 50 lbs the past year and i have outgrown my pants. The weight gain has caused sort of immobility i can't go boxing like i used to do. I have no problem with the numbers at all. I wear the biggest size in the...
  19. Sweetnlow

    Talk about you experiences with WLS

    I had a gastric bypass surgery scheduled the March 5th. However after watching your video I totally changed my mind and canceled the operation. Well the first time I saw the video it didn't make an impact but the second time. Wow....! Here in Sweden where I live we get surgery for free and a lot...
  20. Sweetnlow

    meeting a guy from a dating site for the first time!

    I can definetely relate to being insecure. I'm about the same size as you too and once was average size and back than I was as insecure as I am now. I just can't understand how someone could ever be interested in me!! I think you have to focus on the guy, do you really want to meet him? What...