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  1. AVAcado

    People with cat allergies--HELP!

    Thanks very much for all the good tips folks! I'm down with the Flaxseed oil suggestion. Thanks for the idea Bexylicious. Anything that is natural that might help is great. Unfortunately I can't take allergy meds as they make me completely jacked-up and loopy. I'm open to allergy...
  2. AVAcado

    People with cat allergies--HELP!

    The allergic girlfriend here: Thanks for your posts. I also grew up with kittens & cats as a child. Snoopy, Vagabond (aka Midnight), and Moonlight Angel Baby. Don't know why I ended up so allergic, but I love cats and dogs and am allergic to both. After my last dog, Kozmos Jazz Bear, passed...
  3. AVAcado

    Bay Area Cop Shoots Unarmed Man In The Back -- Caught On Video

    I wasn't going to watch the videos. I felt it would be disrespectful of Oscar Grant and his family if I did. Hearing the stories without seeing any video I thought all kinds of things, including that perhaps the BART officer Johannes Mehserle intended to tase Oscar, not shoot him. I thought...
  4. AVAcado

    The Christmas Sucks thread

    Definitely the worst Christmas of my entire life time except the year my brother died. Guess there's not much worth saying on it. Fighting against being taken down by all that's behind it, in it, about it. All that's so unnecessary, but can't seem to be any different. Trying to have...
  5. AVAcado

    Has There Ever Been A Poll Of Zodiac Sign

    Aries Sun Aries Moon Gemini Rising (probably falling, too)
  6. AVAcado

    The last movie you watched... and score out of ten - Part 1

    Quantum Solace. 9/10 Good action, acting, plot (okay, it is James Bond. That says enough in terms of plot, but seriously, good plot. Nice effects. Yep, def. recommend.
  7. AVAcado

    What do you all think on this issue?

    Okay, I must add my 2cents, rapidly worth even less in this economy. My apologies for repeating anything already said. I did not read every response. First off, thanks for the post. It's always interesting when people are stimulated by another's words. I'm going to revise yours. Please let...
  8. AVAcado

    Adele - great bbw singer

    Thanks for the share AnnMarie. She's wonderful!
  9. AVAcado

    Oprah's "fallen off the wagon"

    Oprah, Oprah, Dear Oprah. STOP!!!! You're almost 55 years old. Is how much flesh you have sagging off your bones what you want the next 20 or 30 years of your life to be about? Okay, I get it. You're at a higher risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, and yahddie, yahddie, yah. Sure...
  10. AVAcado

    Recent pic of you- part VI :D

    Arrhythmia, Ashmamma84, Adasiyan, Bexylicious and Latinshygirl, You ALL are and look deliciously devine!! Ashmamma, congrats on the great hair cut. It shows off your beautiful face very nicely!!
  11. AVAcado

    Do you secretly visit the Paysite Board? (Someone had to make this thread :P)

    ...and again I ask, in all seriousness, how does one get there? Do I need to go down the rabbit hole? Through gate 16 1/2? Oh where is this coveted place?
  12. AVAcado

    Do you secretly visit the Paysite Board? (Someone had to make this thread :P)

    Paysite? What paysite? What Les! YOU visit a pay site. Oh my word! Seriously, er, how does one get there? Not that I'm going, but it's always nice to know how to get places in life. Uh, jess 'cause it says "pay" don't mean you gotta pay now does it?
  13. AVAcado

    Happy Hanukkah!!

    GREAT song, Lipmixgirl!!!! That is sooo good and funny. Thanks!!!! Happy Hanukkah everyone who's celebratin'!!!!! Trader Joes has some yummy pre-made latkas right now, and Sauls (in Berkeley, CA) sells them outside the deli. I happen to LOVE latkas and am really missing my friend Gayla's...
  14. AVAcado

    What you LOVE about where you live

    THANK YOU all for your posts. I can't tell you how informative this has been. The truth is I really love so much about the Bay Area CA but like so many poeple here just really can't afford it. So thanks again for so many great descriptions of lands other than here, near and far!
  15. AVAcado

    Who has met no one from Dims IRL?

    I've not yet met any one either. But there are definitely folks I'd enjoy meeting! :batting:
  16. AVAcado

    Recent Picture of You-Part 5

    Thanks Angel!
  17. AVAcado

    What you LOVE about where you live

    Indeed you did write all that, and thank you so much for it. I truly appreciate all your well-described info. about what I've heard is a wonderful place to live. It is probably out of my price range, but not necessarily. Thank you again. Almost no place is off my radar of...
  18. AVAcado

    Recent Picture of You-Part 5

    Thanks for the boost Jon Blaze. I'm officially single again as of Thanksgiving so it's nice to get the positive feedback from folks after being hitched for the last 5 plus years. It's a whole new World of positive possibilities beyond lovelessness!
  19. AVAcado

    What you LOVE about where you live

    Hey Folks, I'm looking for your help. I can't keep goin' it alone here in the always too expensive and oft-times too shallow-peopled Bay Area CA and am looking to relocate to another less expensive CA city, US State or Country. (No offense to all you Bay Area folk who are genuine...
  20. AVAcado

    The last movie you watched... and score out of ten - Part 1

    La Vie En Rose 100+ out of 10 Best film I've ever seen 2 hours 20 minutes of brilliance....stunning....mesmerizing...didn't take my eyes off the screen once... Life of Édith Piaf Starring Marion Cotillard my newest Goddess!