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  1. snazzy

    BOTH When It Finally Catches Up With You

    Amazing. I couldn't put my phone down until it was done. :cool::oops:
  2. snazzy

    The Official Recipe Trading Thread! Share Your Recipes Here! :)

    Anyone have a really decedent egg salad Recipe for the holiday? :oops:
  3. snazzy

    Continental Airlines is on my list...

    Amen, and good on you for following up, for not letting this go. I actually had something similar happen pretty recently. I'd bought an extra seat, and since this was a plane with only 2 seats across per row I was definitely looking forward to having the whole row to myself. I took the seat...
  4. snazzy

    Help accessorizing dress?

    Thanks. :) Any ideas for colors on the cardi/blazer? That's where I'm really stumped.
  5. snazzy

    Help accessorizing dress?

    I picked up this dress today, my local Target had most of the Pure Energy stuff on clearance. I really love it, it feels great on (very sturdy) and fits just right. My first maxi. :) It's kind of plain though and I'm clueless about accessorizing, can anyone give suggestions? I'd like to wear it...
  6. snazzy

    finding very long hippy/gypsy style skirts

    ^ Ohhh I love that stuff, thanks :bow:
  7. snazzy

    finding very long hippy/gypsy style skirts

    Those are great!! I am definitely ordering at least 1. Will check out the other links now too, thanks all. I actually totally scored on skirts at TJ Maxx today, of all places. They're the dress/skirt convertible type skirts so are super long. They weren't even plus size, just a...
  8. snazzy

    finding very long hippy/gypsy style skirts

    Does a source for this actually exist? I'd like some new hippy/gypsy style skirts a beach vacation and I have a total of 1 that is as long as I like. I'm tall and I like the skirt to reach my ankles. Just measured the one I have and it's 41" long. (Most that call themselves long/ankle length are...
  9. snazzy

    before and after

    Hi Jerzy. Nice photos. :)
  10. snazzy

    Where Can I Find Ultra Flare Jeans That Aren't All Beat Up Looking

    I'd like to find jeans like this too! I like them really flared but most pairs I've found are really "distressed", some even with the big holes in the knees etc. I actually like those okay but....not exactly appropriate for work so I'd rather not buy.
  11. snazzy

    3x + custom size eShakti

    Thank you they have some great dresses.
  12. snazzy

    What are you wearing right now?

    I LOVE this outfit! As for me just wearing an old track suit right now. Have the day off and I'm cleaning and doing laundry. woowo.
  13. snazzy

    Question About Ebay Seller

    I ordered something from her after reading another thread here about that seller. Am waiting on my order now. I will see if I can find the thread. Here it is. http://www.dimensionsmagazine.com/forums/showthread.php?t=26284
  14. snazzy

    Source for nice opaque tights in good sizes?

    Actually looking for yellow or green I think. I actually hadn't done that no, I'll go look around today. And we have one of those Halloween stores by the mall. They have a room full of Plus costumes, maybe they'll have accessories too.
  15. snazzy

    Source for nice opaque tights in good sizes?

    Anyone have any sources, ladies? :) In an older thread, there were some links to http://www.welovecolors.com/ and their stuff looks good. BUT they say there is a 3 week shipping delay in the size I would need, and I really need these for Halloween! I am doing a disco/70s outfit and wearing a...
  16. snazzy

    Svoboda Jeans (up to size 24)

    The line name of the white ones is Paris. :)
  17. snazzy

    I love the fashion world's take on different body types

    I love those "REAL JEANS FOR ALL WOMEN" magazine articles that will promise jeans for a plus, curvy, full figured, whatever woman. And you open it up and the lady is at most a size 10. :doh:
  18. snazzy

    Wide bridal shoes?

    Thanks BeabBea :) I don't know what style I need exactly. Which is part of my problem. I am wearing a plain a-line dress with sweep train and red accessories. I cant walk in heels higher than about an inch. http://www.davidsbridal.com/bridal_gowns_detail.jsp?stid=2642&prodgroup=159
  19. snazzy

    Wide bridal shoes?

    Hello. I've been reading the boards here for awhile but just now posting. I am getting married early next year and I don't have shoes. Am having trouble finding the shoes I need in wide. Usually, I shop at Zappo but have not found much there. I could not squeeze these feet in regular width! ;)