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  1. L

    New to Me (fun fat stuff at airport security)

    Yeah and I've got something in my pants they can check. Let 'em touch that "weapon" and sh*t will hit the fan.
  2. L

    my boyfriend wanted some sexy pics... let me know what you think :)

    Okay, so where are the new ones with the digital cam? Enquiring minds want to know! (not just me...you should just share with us all :D)
  3. L

    Fat teases

    This one girl I know who is slim/average in size was pretty flirtatious with me. I wasn't really attracted to her on "that" level in general- nothing having to do with her size and my preference for thicker women (though I've been with all shapes and sizes- I look at the woman for the woman... I...
  4. L

    Recent Picture of You......Part IX ;)

    You SHOULD be feeling good- you're incredibly G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!!
  5. L

    my boyfriend wanted some sexy pics... let me know what you think :)

    I agree. VERY lucky boyfriend that you have. The only negative that I can come up with is the overall sharpness of the pics could be better, but I think you look absolutely gorgeous in those.
  6. L

    Your skinniest and fattest pics

    I'm the same way. I'm a redhead lover as well, and she's definitely a GREAT representative as to why!
  7. L

    Your skinniest and fattest pics

    I must say, I like your size 20 pic the best. The others you look good in, but the latest size 20, you're GORGEOUS!
  8. L

    Monique in JC - by Marci (~BBW, Eating, Imagery, ~SWG)

    I'm really enjoying this story. I cant wait to read more of it. Please continue.
  9. L

    Help Me Get Big!!!

    Although I've never really been a feeder, I'm sure there are many people on here (myself included) that would love to send you treats and goodies, as long as you keep us updated (with photos) of your progression. Get a PO Box and we'll start sending stuff along the way!
  10. L

    Passing of my Wife....

    WOW. That was very powerful writing and I'm sorry to hear about your loss. I'm sure that there are lots of people out there that will remember your wife's hard work, dedication, and devotion. It sounds to me as though you had a great woman. Always honor and cherish those memories that you...
  11. L

    Having a Big Derriere May Be Good for Your Health, Study Finds

    Essentially, you'll get ovarian cancer, but you won't have diabetes. It's like those commercials for allergies- side effects may include, but not be limited to cysts, nosebleeds, cramping, erectile dysfunction, and diarrhea... but you won't sneeze from pollen!
  12. L

    Food and Sex

    I've seen a video clip of a bbw eating donuts during sex. That wasn't so erotic, but I think other foods would be. I'd love to have sex while the bbw that I was with was on her back eating chocolate cake and smudging the frosting all over her naked body...
  13. L

    To Those With Tattoos

    Awesome!! Thanks for that one... on that site I'm seeing some stuff that I'm liking a lot.
  14. L

    To Those With Tattoos

    Thanks Johnny and HD. I'll check them out!
  15. L

    To Those With Tattoos

    Yes, I love the polynesian style. That would be helpful.
  16. L

    To Those With Tattoos

    Let me give brief intro in here. I'm a 36 yr. old male FA in Virginia, USA. I'm eventually looking to get my first tattoo. I have an idea of what I want, but need to find the right artist- because we all know, all artists are not created equal. It's highly important that this tattoo is done...
  17. L

    >>>BBW Friends pt.1<<<

    Hater in the house!!! Yeah, I'm talking about me... I'm so freakin' jealous right now!
  18. L

    Your skinniest and fattest pics

    TOTALLY gorgeous!! I love the miniskirt and bikini shots. Totally YUMMY!!
  19. L

    Trouble with inlaws due to your size

    I don't think my family cares for my lady who while not huge, is not tiny either. My mother and sister are essentially skin and bones... I mean literally.