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  1. R

    Fatty Summer Camp??

    I definitely make that trip.
  2. R

    Yay!! I'm Back To My Fattening Ways lol

    One of the greatest SSBBW'S. Welcome back.
  3. R

    Goals Before We Hit 40....

    Turned 38 this year would like to visit Africa and the Fiji Islands
  4. R

    Beth (aka Madison Aikers) has passed away.

    I got the pleasure to meet her last year in NJ.She was a nice person sorry to hear to that.
  5. R

    Heroes and Villains at the Big Beautiful Jersey Bash April 27th - April 29th

    I'm coming out again had a good time at the last one
  6. R

    Dims Crushes

    It's so many but I have to say Supermish.:bow:
  7. R

    2011 NFL Thread

    GreenBay Packer's it's over for you your season is done get out of here. Let's go G Men!
  8. R

    26yo, 5'4", 252lbs... pole dancer!

    If that is not proff you can be fat and healthy I don’t know what is.That's amazing.
  9. R

    Dims Crushes

    SuperMish&Big Beautiful Me:smitten:
  10. R

    What's your favorite body shape?

    I'm a Assets kinda of dude.
  11. R

    What's your favorite body shape?

    Hands down I prefer a pear but love all types.
  12. R

    Some weekend near DC

    Lol! I like that rebuttal but I if I come I will certainly do that.
  13. R

    Some weekend near DC

    Bigbeautifulme maybe we can have something in the Richmond area one day?
  14. R

    Some weekend near DC

    Hi I'm Ritz fellow dimensions member. I'm located in the Hampton Roads area would love to have something closer one day.
  15. R

    Some weekend near DC

    Can I join yall?
  16. R

    Big Beautiful New Jersey Bash

    I had a great weekend. It was a new and different experience for me. Everything was nice thank you Berna.
  17. R

    "Strange Sex" Episode About FAs & Feeders

    I didn't see it but I will try to catch it on the 5th. If you don’t mind me asking what kind of ? did you have that the show answer for you?
  18. R

    The View from the Back

    Keep them coming ladies all of you are gorgeous.
  19. R

    Big Beautiful New Jersey Bash

    I never been but I'm definitely trying to make this one. Any suggestions for first timers?
  20. R


    Norfolk VA is in here