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  1. snipermb435

    BBW A Matter of Time (WG)

    I think a bunch of us are in agreement, we need more of this awesome story please!!!
  2. snipermb435

    How can I help if any?

    Well I haven't posted on here in a very long time, life, different girlfriends, but now I'm married, she knows I'm an FA, she knows I like weight gain and her body her curves and everything about her, body aside I love her to death for who she is, her personality, her smile, her love, her warmth...
  3. snipermb435

    Joan Rivers gets publicly destroyed for telling fat jokes on TV!

    Ya know when I stumbled over this thread I wasn't sure what I was in for, but Joan Rivers( the insensitive cow) is probably one of the few people on this planet that I hate, and this makes me hate her more, the bashing and down right disrespectfulness to Adele who from my point of view is...
  4. snipermb435

    how do i fix this or help my girlfriend out

    Well I thank all of you for your input and words or wisdom and kindness, being part of this community is an amazing thing. I know to change someone's mind over things such as these is something I cant do but something she can do for herself. As Gogogal said I'll be sure to keep giving her...
  5. snipermb435

    how do i fix this or help my girlfriend out

    I have been dating a lovely woman for years now, I love her for her and her body is a bonus that I happen to love also. But over the last year being at her biggest but not much bigger than when I met her, she has hated her body, (I know she doesn't come on here so I can post this) she weighs...
  6. snipermb435

    Looking for a Story

    Im as the title suggests looking for a story, i read this a while ago, and cant seem to find it, i might be missing something or looking to hard, anyway, heres the premiss of the story: its a bout a girl who is either a scientist or something close to it and she makes this device or inhaler...
  7. snipermb435

    Lauren Grows Large - by ulysses125 (~BBW, ~~WG)

    This was a great read, exactly what i have been searching for. Your discriptions and detail was awesome. hope to see another just like it!:)
  8. snipermb435

    Switching It Up - by yagdog25 (~BBW, ~XWG, ~BHM)

    that was a most enjoyable read, perfect ending shape for jessica, very well written and a very good twist at the end, weel done!
  9. snipermb435

    Aunt Becky's Confections - by WeightyBabbling (~BBW, ~SWG, Magic)

    for a first poster and this genre writter, what a delightful read, very much enjoyed reading that, i only wish those chocolates actually existed. great work, hope to read a story of yours like this in the future.
  10. snipermb435

    The Revival - by Irish Bard (~BBW (mult) SSBBW (mult), Sex, ~XWG)

    hey bud, you never a rush an author, never, sit there, be patient and when Irishbard posts something he will. and there are plenty of his works that are finished, go and find them and enjoy. :D
  11. snipermb435

    Whatever Will Be Parts 1-5 - By Id (~BBW [Multiple], ~SWG, Sports)

    wonderful story so far, please dont let lucy lose weight let her gain loads!!!!
  12. snipermb435

    A Gift - by MaxoutFA (~BBW, Romance, Imagery, Eating, ~SWG,)

    awesome very realistic weight gain sotry, one of the best i have read in a long time, i loved all the discriptions you gave as nancy gained pound and more pounds to her body, wow, such a great story, would you mind if i drew a picture to go with the story( all i need from you is her final...
  13. snipermb435

    Dreamscape of Dr Yalfe - by Irish Bard (~BBW(multiple), Magic, Dreaming, ~XWG)

    I gotta say this, you really have a talent for writing stories which always keep me minterested, looks like if you agree, that theres a picture of cloe to be drawn in the future. :D
  14. snipermb435

    Getting Round at the Track (ch 6-12) - by Mac5689 (~BBW, Romance, Racing Drama, ~SWG)

    This is my favorite story on dims at the moment, it is a realistic story and keeps you interested all the way, such great writing. plus as an added bonus of the weight gain happening, we get to listen about nascar and racing, and personally i love any type of car racing, formula 1 being me fav...
  15. snipermb435

    Rachel's Data by Ruin (~BBW, Drug, ~SWG)

    this is a great start to a great story, please keep it coming. :D
  16. snipermb435

    John and Laura by Anonymous (SSBBW, Stuffing, Mild ~Sex, Triage, ~XWG)

    WOW!!! i wish this would happen to me,lol, dam what a fantastic story you have written. i wish there was more.lol.
  17. snipermb435

    Is That Me? - by Taien (~BBW, Romance, Eating, ~SWG)

    this is turning out to be a great story, keep it coming. :D
  18. snipermb435

    I want to save your life

    wow, i never thought i would see television stoop down to such low levels and seriously broadcast a show about stalking and helping someone in the process, can you say, creepy as fuck!!!!
  19. snipermb435

    New Fat Acceptance Advert - "Too Offensive for Television"

    I know i got pissed, but i got the fact, that all prejudice, racism, discrimination is harmful, hurtful and can mess with someone on so many different levels. i was jsut shocked that someone would make a video like that. but the point of the video to me, was, none of these should make you laugh...
  20. snipermb435

    Question to All ladies and gentlemen.

    Well I must Apologise for the lack of reply here, I am sorry, the advice and courage and general willingness to help me is overwhelming. I really Appreciate it. Now, i am a shy guy, fully admit it, i just have this mental block that says, hey look at the gorgeous lady over there and then bam...