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  1. SparkGirl

    Fat Girl Flying Tips...Got Any?

    Take the extra pillows and use them to put against your knee if it's jammed up against the seat in front of you... Bring a blanket with you, if possible, sometimes the plane can be chilly... Wear a skirt. It makes the bathroom visits easier... Baby wipes. It makes the bathroom visits...
  2. SparkGirl

    Too early for an HB Labor Day thread? I don't think so!

    Blah blah blah, excuses excuses...you suck!!!
  3. SparkGirl

    Vegas 2011

    He needs duct tape....
  4. SparkGirl

    Hi.. Is anyone into photography?

    Someone is just jealous because Lenny is cuter and more popular....:D So did you get a new tv?
  5. SparkGirl

    The last movie you watched... and score out of ten - Part 2

    Winter's Bone - 10
  6. SparkGirl

    SSBBW & Flip Flops

    Teva Mush have my vote too. I have wide feet and just order my usual shoe size or it's equal in the men's version of Mush. They're so comfortable. Reef, Billabong and Havaianas are great too....
  7. SparkGirl

    camping trip

    Sorry Leesa, but my vote is with Lilly on the tent...I love my air mattress and tent :) (no bedbugs in my sleeping bags, too haha).
  8. SparkGirl

    Halloween costume: need pointe shoes!

    I heart the Bloch line of dance shoes. They have wide sizes up to "E" and you can get them online at a decent price and they are very comfy. Check out discountdance.com
  9. SparkGirl

    Capescapade!!! Weekend gathering at Cape Cod, MA

    Sly Tony, very sly....I WILL find out...I have my sources...
  10. SparkGirl

    Capescapade!!! Weekend gathering at Cape Cod, MA

    Denise, my friend, what is with the pandas!?!?!?!?! We will miss you, btw....I am going to schedule a Conn-Scapade....:D
  11. SparkGirl

    Capescapade!!! Weekend gathering at Cape Cod, MA

    What's with all the panda avatars????
  12. SparkGirl

    Capescapade!!! Weekend gathering at Cape Cod, MA

    Hmm, let's see, frog legs, chocolate-dipped spiders, goat jerky...I fully expect cupcakes, btw....:D
  13. SparkGirl

    Capescapade!!! Weekend gathering at Cape Cod, MA

    Lilly, I couldn't answer you via FB, but myself and Leesa are still on for the Cape...
  14. SparkGirl

    The New Jersey BBW Bash - Fall, 2010 Edition

    Hey Fab...what is lice tea??? ;)
  15. SparkGirl

    NJ Bash - Roll Call

    YAY!!!!!! Well....the boys better watch out, in that case haha
  16. SparkGirl

    NJ Bash - Roll Call

    Hey Jax....are you coming stag to the bash or what? I've had several requests from the Obeast crew to actually see you at this bash?!?!?!?!?! hahaha
  17. SparkGirl

    2010 Heavenly Bodies Labor Day Bash--Official Schedule! (updated August 27)

    What the eff is a "katie bar"???? Does that mean if your name is Katie, you do not get in???? Enlighten me F?
  18. SparkGirl

    Hi.. Is anyone into photography?

    SALEM!!!!!!!!!! Did you get to meet Laurie Cabot?
  19. SparkGirl

    Death and such

    Thanks Shosh :blush:
  20. SparkGirl

    Death and such

    Because the "non-fa" jerks that I have dated only were looking for sex, not pics, webcam jaunts, dinners to stuff me or things I choose to not discuss on a public forum. Sorry, but sex will not kill you (unless you do not use a condom) or render you immobile.