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  1. J

    The Really Bad Joke Thread

    Surprise sex is the best thing to wake up to....unless you're in prison.
  2. J

    The Really Bad Joke Thread

    "Doctor, won't you please kiss me?" asks the patient. "No. You're a very beautiful woman, but it's against my code of ethics," replies the doctor. "Please, just one kiss," she pleads. "Sorry," says the doctor. "It's totally out of the question. I shouldn't even be fucking you." :p
  3. J

    Female Appreciation Week!

    damn...I always miss all of the good stuff.
  4. J

    Tell Me Where I've Been :P

    Training to become an unflinching killing machine. :p
  5. J

    Tattoo thread

    I'm almost finished...
  6. J


    Guess what? When you're old and grey your tatts are going to look like shit. I say live for today and get your chest done. ...Or just buy an Ed Hardy t-shirt.
  7. J

    hi everyone..question about Fedding?

    Ha. Don worrie I'm not atack cricketleggs. I no her long tim from bhm/fbi bored. I was just telling a jock. I tri not 2 get in volved with poleticks. ;)
  8. J

    hi everyone..question about Fedding?

    When iz part c comeing? I confes im worryed most about last peice of pizza.:mad::eat2:
  9. J

    hi everyone..question about Fedding?

    Problum yours' then. This bess thred evr. Give a nothur chance. Sit back, re-lax, put spanish balls in your mouth. Thred so funy make p drip sometime. Butt warnig..with name liek chickenleg, (someone might tri to eat your name.
  10. J

    hi everyone..question about Fedding?

    nO way! Who told u that? Minz moor liek 9 1/2kleft. Ha.
  11. J

    hi everyone..question about Fedding?

    Ooo Greeneyefairway your so naughdy. How did you no I had a weekness for meet flavord Denise? :) I love to get fedd on a wim (ex temper anus lee) some time but we haf to plan it out reely good. :)
  12. J

    hi everyone..question about Fedding?

    I nomin8 santiclean for the a ward of best poster in the intire damentions (no punn attended.).
  13. J

    Favorite Pick-up Lines

    Be my Dairy Queen and I'll be your Burger King. You treat me right, and I'll do it your way.
  14. J

    Do you ever get upset people call you fat?

    Some of us weirdos actually get turned on when called fat. Just sayin.
  15. J

    Where are all the FFA pictures?

    *sigh* Such beautiful women...
  16. J

    Favorite Pick-up Lines

    Ha. Awesome.
  17. J

    Nail Color

    You should see how they react to having your toenails painted. ;)
  18. J

    Help Finding FFA's

    I heard Craigslist has a few every now and then. :rolleyes:
  19. J

    "Why do you visit this board?" and other questions.

    I'm not sure why I still frequent this place. I think I feel obligated to do so in some warped way. For me, this board is kinda like an old favorite jacket I never wear anymore...but can't bring myself to toss out.
  20. J

    hi everyone..question about Fedding?

    A men too that, sister! And im not ever raligious! +1 p.s. N.e. One can answer my baccon pole. (informal)