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  1. wisconfa

    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    Sooooo cute !:eat2:
  2. wisconfa

    The Donut Coupon - SSBBW, XXWG

    Great start....... keep it going
  3. wisconfa

    Central Illinois

    Near Peoria, here
  4. wisconfa

    My Weight Gain!

    Beautiful in both picts. The 300# version is definitely more voluptuous !:blush:
  5. wisconfa

    Golden Corral really improved !

    I'm not a Golden Corral fan, but they have a special this week. The Prime Rib and Salmon were better than all the expensive restaurants I've ate at. They upped the price $2 , but well worth it. I would call first to make sure they have it in your area.
  6. wisconfa

    Yay!! I'm Back To My Fattening Ways lol

    as u can see, I still got that big fat booty ...hey, that rhymes hehe You still got it, hon !!!:eat2:
  7. wisconfa

    My Fat Wife

    She's very HOT ! Love the double boobs. Would like to see her standing up, too.
  8. wisconfa

    Me and My fat belly!! :)

    600 lbs? Is that your long term goal?
  9. wisconfa

    Recent Picture of You Part X !!!!!!!!!!! :D

    Extremely Beautiful picts !
  10. wisconfa

    Me and My fat belly!! :)

    Lookin' good, hun ! Can't wait to see more picts and more of you! Here's to a bigger and better Kitty
  11. wisconfa

    More to Love?

    He's going to pick the Blonde waitress.. She has huge boobs. He NEVER said he liked FAT women. He said he liked confident VOLUPTUOUS women. He did eliminate the whiners.
  12. wisconfa

    Fruit causes bigger bellies...

    Last year, my Dr. put me on Folic Acid for a blood condition. I started to look and feel extremely bloated. THEN I looked up side effects of Folic Acid. Seems that it can cause "abdominal distention". I'm thinking Folic Acid is in many fruits?
  13. wisconfa

    Have you ever sent food back at a restaurant?

    I get really sick from Pickles... Can't tell you how many times I've ordered a $10 "No Pickles, Please" Burger... only to send the pickled burger back, find that they removed the pickles, yet the bun is soaking in pickle juice... ugh
  14. wisconfa

    Halloween Costume HELP

    My wife (size 28) and I (XL) are invited to a costume party for Halloween. I have no problem finding a male XL outfit for me, but can't find anything for my Hunny that will fit. I've looked online, and only found a couple of Plus Sized costumes in a 22/24. Any suggestions??????? She doesn't...
  15. wisconfa

    Belly shirts for men...

    Cut off Midriff shirts for big belly guys??? Wonder who thought up that one? I like the " gut beer? " one myself.
  16. wisconfa

    I'll just have Water Please, and No, I'm not cheap

    My gf and I go out alot. In an attempt to save a couple bucks (and maybe put that money towards dessert), we decided to just ask for water the last few times we went out to dinner. OMG, what a mistake! Our favorite places where we usually get great service treated us like the "cheapskates...
  17. wisconfa

    Gluttony is good for you !

    Eat up. The fatter you are, the less likely you are to get depressed and commit suicide. Great article: http://www.guardian.co.uk/comment/story/0,3604,1674181,00.html
  18. wisconfa

    Favorite Resturant

    OMG.... the Largest portions of food of any place.... Just wish the tables weren't so close... I feel like I'm eating with my new neighbors.