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    Egypt - Communications cut...

    You're absolutely right...Egypt will likely become another Iran - ruled by a bunch of Islam clerics...and in case anyone doesn't think it matters what kind of government it has...over a 1/3 of the world's oil goes through or by Egypt. I was just starting to drive and have to buy gas in the last...
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    Rosie Mercado Size 26/28 model

    This was the first post about Rosie I'd read where it revealed she's not only an entrepreneur, but a single mom of three. As decent as she seems, one must assume there was a husband at one point which makes me wonder how anyone so lucky to have married her would do something or some things...
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    Rosie Mercado Size 26/28 model

    Ever since I saw the posts about her on Judgment of Paris, I've been infatuated with her. And you've met her in person? Wow...lucky duck! Unfortunately I'm nowhere near the West Coast (Central NC) and not exactly available. When I saw the shoots of her in the Old West setting, I was...