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    I have been putting into squashing on a party. During a Question and Answer game. Each candidate is forced to lay on a bench and a fat girl in the middle a ssbbw striptease women is telling the questions. Each person has a buzzer and if the girl or boy answers the question right the oponend gets...
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    Squashing dare with Fat women :)

    Dare ;-) Hey are there fat girls out there who wants to take a dare video like this with a skinny person? ;-) I'd love to but have no girl who is into it ^^ best wishes and happy chest sitting ^^
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    Squashing and Facesitting

    Always I try to fight a bigger girl, she trhow me to the floor and jump on my breast and humped until I have no breath >.<
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    Taking a Risk...

    Hey Boy, this is awesome you did it man! I wish you all the best! You look like the new Yokozuna ;) remember the Banzai Drop finishing move ^^ best wishes!
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    do any women like getting squashed?

    hi, as I look back as I was a child, we played much with different sized kids. And I imagine sometimes there have been some wrestling sessions. *lol* Where we kids were playing wrestling and this affected me also to be squashed in sexual way. I and my sister are very thin she is about 90 lbs...
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    FFA aus Deutschland

    hi Garfield, ich komme Ursprünglich aus Deutschland und lebe seit 10 Monaten in Kanada. Ich kann mich noch an meine erste große Liebe in Detschland erinnern, sie war auch nicht schlank. Es gibt soviele schöne Frauen in Detschland, geh einfach mal raus! Hier in Kanada hab ich auch mein...
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    German/Netherland BBW Partys

    Hello Everybody, Do someone knows about BBW Partys in German or Netherlands? I live near the border between the two states, near Aachen. Would be great if there may be some where I can go easy :wubu: best regardes tobi